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Agricultural tourism, an opportunity to generate income for villagers

Our Islamic homeland, including Qazvin, has high capacities and of course potential in the field of agricultural tourism, which, if properly planned in this sector, can be used to generate income for farmers and villagers, as well as cheap travel for city dwellers. In today’s world, tourism is also Like many other fields, it has become specialized and has become different sub-fields, among which we can mention health tourism, sports tourism, nature tourism, and agricultural tourism, the latter of which has been noticed and raised in recent years. has been

Various regions of Qazvin province, especially the regions of Alamut River, Tarem Sefali and Takestan, have potential capacity in the field of agricultural tourism.

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Although Qazvin province occupies less than one percent of the land of the Islamic homeland, it has a high diversity in the field of agricultural production, and since this diversity is located in a small geographical area, it has a privileged position for this province in the field of agriculture. It has provided agricultural tourism. We suggest you get to know the villages of Qazvin.

Qazvin is one of the main hubs of olive production as the only strategic horticultural product in the country, and it is also an important hub of grape and raisin production in Iran.

This province is one of the poles of the country in the production of other horticultural products, including blueberries, hazelnuts, and cherries, and in the field of pistachio and walnut gardens, pomegranates, rape fields, fodder corn, and activities related to fisheries and fish farming. And beekeeping has attractive tourism capabilities.

The existence of several large agricultural and industrial companies and the presence of Iran’s largest livestock farms in this province are also considered as other capabilities in this field.

Agricultural tourism

Qazvin is one of the pioneer provinces in the field of agricultural tourism education

Azita Esadi, director of the agricultural tourism project of the Qazvin Agricultural Jihad Organization, said in an interview with IRNA reporter: Last year, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts and the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad regarding the development and strengthening of agricultural tourism.

He continued: Following this incident, an instruction was issued by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts, which explained how to advance agricultural tourism projects and emphasized that no permission for any change of use in this field will be given to the applicants.

Saying that agriculture is one of the first human professions and occupations, familiarity and experience with it, even if it is in the form of tourism and entertainment, is exciting and interesting for many, he added: agricultural tourism can be successful if properly planned. Bring significant income generation and job creation for rural areas and agricultural sector operators.

This official explained more in this regard and said: In agricultural tourism, new facilities will not be added to the desired location, but the existing capacities will be used to attract tourists, for example, if a field of sunflowers, dahlias or rapeseeds, garden Whether there are olives, pomegranates or fish breeding ponds, tourists are present in this environment and are closely involved in the relevant agricultural activity, or they themselves participate in the work of planting, harvesting or growing crops.

He reminded: In order to become one of the important destinations of the country in the field of agricultural tourism, we must train qualified farmers and operators, and in this way, Qazvin was one of the first provinces of the country to hold an agricultural tourism training course and in This field has used all its capacities and facilities.

The manager of the agricultural tourism project promoter of the Qazvin Agricultural Jihad Organization stated that the agricultural and horticultural tourism feasibility assessment has been done in the province and noted that there are some indicators for granting permission in this regard, for example, the products must be significant, unique or Their production process is based on indigenous knowledge and not all people are supposed to be licensed.

Agricultural tourism

Juicing, preparation of pomegranate paste and olive oil extraction in Qazvin are attractions to attract tourists

Esadi continued: For example, in one of the villages in the vineyard, juice is made in a traditional way with local knowledge, and we are trying to make one of the province’s agricultural tourism plans work in this place, as well as cooking and preparing pomegranate paste and olive oil in Lower Tarem also has this capacity and we are persistent in this regard.

He stated that the production of olive oil and pomegranate paste in this region and juice production in the vineyard next to the orchards of these products are good capacities for agricultural tourism, adding: So far, four licenses have been provided to applicants in this regard, of which three licenses are required. It is an extension.

Regarding the process of handling the request of agricultural tourism applicants, Esadi stated: the applicants must first send their request to the cultural heritage and then the request will be examined in the form of a joint committee and the desired area will be visited and if approved and having the necessary conditions, the activity license is issued for 6 months and if the conditions are met, this period can be extended for consecutive periods.

The manager of the agricultural tourism project of the Qazvin Agricultural Jihad Organization noted: One of the necessary conditions in the projects of this field is that tourists should not harm the nature and tourism programs should be limited and exclusive to the defined complex.

According to this official, by designing low-cost trips in the field of agricultural tourism, it is possible to provide happy days for the citizens who are tired of urban life, and also provide good income to farmers and villagers.

He further mentioned the traditional garden of Qazvin as a significant capacity in the field of agricultural tourism and said: We are trying to establish a tourism space in this complex for tourists, which will introduce the traditional garden to the countrymen and also sell the products. And helping to make this precious green heritage flourish.

Agricultural tourism

Welcoming applicants to create agricultural tourism projects

In an interview with IRNA reporter, the deputy tourism director of the General Department of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts of Qazvin Province stated: This General Department accepts qualified applicants and operators from agriculture, horticulture, fisheries and aquaculture, beekeeping, and animal husbandry sectors for activities. welcomes and supports in the field of agricultural tourism.

Nader Mohammadi emphasized: So far, about 10 applicants have submitted their applications in this field, and their applications are under consideration.

This official of the tourism field pointed out: the place of agricultural tourism in the country, especially in the provinces with the necessary potential and capacity in this field, such as Qazvin, is empty, but this field has received good attention in recent years and is among the priorities of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts are placed.

The deputy of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Crafts of Qazvin added: This province has a high and significant talent in the field of agricultural tourism, to the extent that, as an example, the vineyard vineyards are unique in terms of area and diversity in the country, and greenness. They and its relatively long-term fruiting, from the period of picking to grapes and its processing, i.e. from the time of taking water to the juice in the villages of the region, are considered a potential to attract tourists in this area.

Stating that the program of the Qazvin Cultural Heritage Directorate is not limited to the tourism of historical monuments or ecotourism, Mohammadi said: We are trying to activate the field of agricultural tourism in Qazvin with the cooperation of the Agricultural Jihad Organization. Let’s bring this part to the desired position.

He reminded: In agricultural tourism, unlike other fields of tourism, we don’t need special infrastructures, and with the existing ones, we can attract tourists and welcome them, and we can design and implement low-cost trips in this field.


Due to its high capacity in the agricultural sector, as well as its proximity to the center of the country and population centers, Qazvin is considered one of the most ideal places in the country to create a platform for agricultural tourism.

On the other hand, with the increase in travel costs in today’s conditions and the need to create vitality and have free time for families, agricultural tourism is considered a cheap option for short-term trips to nearby destinations, hence considering the proximity Qazvin to Tehran can be provided with proper planning to attract agricultural tourists to this province.

With this event, it is possible to create happiness for the families living in the cities without significant cost, and to create income and employment for the rural households, that is, so to speak, they can be hit with an arrow.

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