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Financing 425 billion rials for three production projects by the Cooperative Development Bank

According to the monetary financial news, Mohammad Jafar Irani, a member of the board of directors of the Cooperative Development Bank, is one of the production and job creation projects in Zahedan that are being constructed and put into operation with the participation of the Cooperative Development Bank and the payment of facilities; Includes: Ehsanfar furniture and wooden products production unit, Janbaz Gholami entertaining entertainment complex and Shadro Zahedan meat packing company visited.
In his first visit to the development and production projects of Zahedan, Mohammad Jafar Irani visited the first and only unit for the production of furniture and wooden products in this city.
In this visit, he stated: Cooperative Development Bank in the fields of participation by using the existing capacities, in the form of paragraph (a) of Note 18 of the Budget Law in 1399, has been able to establish the first factory of wooden products and furniture in Zahedan industrial town. To pay 150 billion rials.
Irani pointed out that with the participation of the Cooperative Development Bank, the operation of the first and only wooden furniture and artifact manufacturing unit in Sistan and Baluchestan province has been made possible. Is one of the indicators that the Provincial Cooperative Development Bank has provided facilities for the development and growth and creation of employment in the province. is.
In his second visit to the production and employment projects of the province, a member of the board of directors visited the Gholami Veteran Recreational Services and Hospitality Complex project. He stated in this visit: this project with the participation of the Cooperative Development Bank by paying facilities in the amount of 51 billion Rials (21 billion Rials from the credits of paragraph A of Note 18 and 30 billion Rials from the resources of the National Development Fund Credits Article 52 of the Budget Law Country) is under construction and in operation.
Also, Mohammad Jafar Irani, a member of the board of directors, during his visit to the Shadro Meat Farm Company located in Zahedan, said: To develop this project, with the participation of the Cooperative Development Bank, 80 billion Rials were paid from Article 52 credits and 144 billion Rials from the facilities. The credits of paragraph A of Note 18 of the agricultural sector are in the approval and payment stage.
During the visit, which was carried out from different parts of the company, including pre-cooling, production line, storage, cold storage and freezing tunnels, the implementation of the company’s development plan was inspected.
It is worth mentioning that during the trip to Sistan and Baluchestan province and at the beginning of the arrival after rubbing dust and deodorizing the tombs of the martyrs of Zahedan, they renewed the covenant with the lofty ideals of the Imam and martyrs by reciting the Fateha to the holy souls of the martyrs and Imam.
During these visits, Saeed Maadi, Deputy Managing Director for Provincial Affairs and Marketing, Mohammad Zolfaghari, Deputy Managing Director for Finance and Support, and Hamid Reza Alborzi, Credit Affairs Manager. Mohammad Ali Mohtaram, branch manager of Sistan and Baluchestan province, was also present.

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