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How did the Twelfth Government ax the roots of natural resources? / What was the purpose of announcing the 90th minute of the Agricultural Productivity Law?

Fars News Agency Environment Group: July 23, 2010 After years of follow-up and efforts of expert and specialized teams in the agencies in charge of natural resources and environment, especially the continuous follow-up of experts of the Natural Resources Organization, a law entitled “Productivity Increase in Agriculture and Natural Resources” Approval Receipt.

A law that challenges destructive public, development, and development plans

Despite the fact that a law of this comprehensiveness, which was passed for the first time, and could be properly and accurately implemented, could challenge the economic justification of many public, development and destructive development projects and prevent their implementation, as well as the source of change of utilitarian attitude And the executors of large development projects, etc., especially exploration and exploitation projects of mines and huge dam construction projects (which always look at natural resources as low value and at the same time income-generating areas), but at a historical moment the natural resources and environment are in disarray. The country went into exile.

Abandonment of deviations in the implementation of the law on increasing productivity in the agricultural and natural resources sectors became problematic

In fact, abandoning the deviation in the implementation of paragraph “b” of Article 12 and Article 13 of the Law on Increasing Productivity in Agriculture and Natural Resources, approved in 2009, which is the subject of calculating and obtaining environmental damages before implementing government plans and projects in the feasibility and economic costs (General, construction and mining) is one of the problems that have created many problems for the country in recent years.

However, with the approval of the “Comprehensive Law on Increasing the Productivity of the Agricultural and Natural Resources Sector”, a suitable capacity was provided to increase productivity in the natural resources sector and achieve the macro goals of the Natural Resources and Watershed Management Organization, but Some deviations and tastes in the implementation of this law have made the natural ecosystems of the country the scene of the most critical events for years. From the water crisis and land subsidence to the destruction of the Zagros and Hyrcanian forests, which requires such a law, which has undoubtedly been formulated, developed and approved with the aim of transforming natural resources, and the reasons for the negligence of those responsible for its implementation, especially Articles 12 and 13 of this law. Be examined.

Communication of the law enforcement directive in the last months of the twelfth government

In the last months of its life, the government, in a letter from the then head of the Management and Planning Organization, Mohammad Baqer Nobakht, on the eve of the 13th government to take office on March 3, 1999, issued a circular to all executive bodies informing them of the need to implement the law. While the Vice President for Legal Affairs had sent a letter on February 17, 2016 requesting to pursue development plans and prevent them from being stopped.

In the last days of the government, the damage tables were updated

Followed by The then head of the country’s Rangeland and Watershed Management Organization, after about 8 years of silence in the previous government, announces and emphasizes the mentioned directive to all the departments of the natural resources of the provinces. And its consequence, on the 15th of July, 1400, and just in the last days of the previous government, according to a letter, in a dramatic action, updated the tables of damages of the by-law of paragraph b of Article 12 of the mentioned law on the agenda.

What is the meaning of this circular and the letters that follow it, except for appeasement in a certain period and biased action in the recent period?

While the deviation in the implementation of paragraph “b” of Article “12” of the Law on Increasing Productivity in the Natural Resources Sector became one of the most important reasons for the unregulated implementation of plans and projects that have caused great damage to the country today, especially inter-basin water transfer projects. O and dams, mines and …

If this law had been properly implemented and the cost of destruction of natural resources had been calculated scientifically and legally, at the same time the feasibility of the projects would have seen and calculated the damages resulting from the implementation of the projects. Illegal and unprincipled implementation of such projects was prevented, and if the projects could be implemented after estimating the costs, the costs of ecosystem restoration and reconstruction would be paid, and in other words, destructive projects could not be implemented, other projects with environmental damage. And natural resources, their negative effects were reduced to a minimum.

If this law had been properly enforced, destructive plans would not have been possible, and other plans would have had their negative effects reduced to a minimum by paying for environmental and natural resources.

In fact, the root of the water crisis and the destruction of forests and pastures, unruly mining, etc. can be traced to the non-implementation of such a law, a law that the authorities in charge of protection and preservation of natural resources should have implemented in the best way, but in They tried to weaken the action.

Although the estimated amount of damages in terms of non-application of exchange rates and non-updating of the basis for calculating damages is much, much less than the actual amount of damages to natural resources, but the same small amount due to improper implementation of the damages determination process. In the feasibility stage of plans and projects, lack of inclusion in the annual budgets and agreements of the executive bodies, lack of monitoring of the bodies in charge of supervising this process, as well as weak demands and legal and legal pursuit of natural resources departments, the executors of these projects Public and civil are not taken; Therefore, this fact, which is fundamentally against the law and does not compensate for the damage done to Anfal and the national arenas, is easily ignored; It seems that the interaction of natural resources managers with the executors of large and destructive projects of natural resources and environment is more favorable than pursuing the demands of Anfal and the public rights of the Iranian nation.

It is as if the interaction of natural resource managers with the executors of large and destructive resource projects Nature and the environment are more favorable than pursuing the demands of Anfal and the public rights of the Iranian people

However, the Forests, Rangelands and Watershed Management Organization, as well as the Environmental Protection Organization and its affiliated departments can benefit from the legal capacity of Articles 12 and 13 of the Law on Increasing the Productivity of Agriculture and Natural Resources and reducing damage to natural resources and the environment. They provided the necessary ground for change in the areas under their management, but it was practically shut down due to mismanagement of the implementation of this law.

The head of the Natural Resources and Watershed Management Organization should announce the reasons for these omissions and omissions

Since the responsibility for following up, compiling and implementing the executive by-law of the said law was the responsibility of the Deputy for Protection and Land Affairs of the Natural Resources and Watershed Management Organization, the same deputy was responsible for updating the damage rate according to the price list, inserting and applying non-exchange rates and monitoring good This law is being implemented, so it is necessary for the head of the country’s Natural Resources and Watershed Management Organization, who, ironically, has been at the helm of the Deputy Minister of Conservation for many years, to announce the reasons for these omissions and abandonment of actions.

The documents of this report are kept by Fars News Agency and will be published if necessary.

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