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Monologue is the best form to express loneliness in the theater

The review session of “Shabiyekhun” theater, directed by Mohammad Hatami and in cooperation with the Tehran Theater Review Circle, was held on Monday, October 24, at Shahr Theater Complex.

Charso Press: According to the public relations report of the Shahr Theater, the review session of the show “Shabieh Khoon” written by Sohrab Hosseini, directed by Mohammad Hatami and attended by critics Reza Ashfete, Pejman Dadkhah, Maryam Jafari and Sepideh Eskanderzadeh was held on Monday evening, October 24, at the Shahr Theater Hall of Fame.

At the beginning of the meeting, the director of the show, Mohammad Hatami, emphasized that the performance of a monologue is a good benchmark for evaluating an actor, and explained: The way we perform a show is a monologue, and a monologue can be dangerous for an artist, because if it is boring, it means Death is the actor.

By stating that monologue is a suitable format for the visualization of loneliness, he clarified: In order to visualize and show certain feelings and states of human beings, I went to a text by Sohrab Hosseini, and with the knowledge I had of the author’s thought, I requested his cooperation. .

Hatami continued to remind: I have always participated in works with a large number of artists, both as actors and behind the scenes, but this time I tried to do it with a show due to the necessity of the theme of the show and the fact that people whisper mental words in private. Regardless of the complex decor, to convey the feeling to the audience.

The actor of “Shams Parandeh” added: “It is very valuable to act in the great works of the dramatic literature of the world, but it is more challenging in my opinion to show the culture of the geography of one’s place of residence.”

While emphasizing that he would like to use the word “space” instead of “decor”, he said: “I would like to use the word “space” instead of “decor”. Bringing the issues that humans face to the stage is not dependent on space creation, but physics and body language can be a suitable medium to express the emotional and inner message of the artist. In the theater, I do not oblige myself to create a realistic atmosphere for the stage.

Further, Pejman Dadkhah, a photographer, critic and university lecturer who has a doctorate in philosophy of art, said: the title of a work is like a paratextual description, and in the work “Shabiy Khoon” this title challenges the mind of the audience and this suspicion It provides the freedom of reading to the audience. Watching this work, which is a repetition of the inner voices of a lonely person, makes the overall spirit of the work accessible to the audience with the help of signs and symbols.

Monologue is the best form to express loneliness in the theater

Dadkhah referred to the unconventional clothing of the main character of the story as a lever to lead the audience to think more about the unfamiliar atmosphere of loneliness and said: In this play where there is no direct storytelling, the space has been tried to serve the words in a mysterious way. be for the audience to decipher.

Maryam Jafari, another critic present at this meeting, emphasizing that Hatami’s choice of the show’s form has made a fictional work turn into a drama, said: technical and specialized use of words has injected a rhythmic rhythm into the show “Shabiyekhon”.

Jafari Dard considered the continuation of “Shabiyekhun” as a work with elements of postmodern works and stated: “Shabiyekhun” is based on the personal, social, political and even philosophical aspects of a protesting human being, and for this reason, with a surreal atmosphere, it was able to reveal the troubled interior of a lonely person. Share with the audience.

Sepideh Eskanderzadeh also said in the review session of the play “Shabiyekhun” that the expression of human suffering combined with social humor is admirable and the paradox of the central dialogue of the play, whose main concern is to tell the suffering that cannot be expressed, has also added to the charm of the work.

He stated: The world of fantasy always creates security for today’s humanity, which welcomes abdication of responsibility, and the artist’s dream of a safe world of fantasy in a new way is one of the strengths of this work.

Monologue is the best form to express loneliness in the theater

Reza Ashfete, a veteran critic, added to the criticism of others and said: “The text has ambiguity and ambiguity, which has long been associated with the literature and culture of Iran, but the ambiguity is annoying to the audience’s mind.” Ghazal, which is one of the most prominent forms of poetry in the world, is manifested with illusions, and the show “Shabiyekhon” is also like a sonnet with countless illusions, making people aware of their mental concerns. But this show also has ambiguity, for example, in cases where the audience does not understand whether the main character is in prison or a mental institution, it becomes ambiguous. On the other hand, and as a good work, the numerous ambiguities of this work, from the reading of the title to the main text, place the audience in the familiar atmosphere of their daily life, because the daily life of people is full of forced ambiguities. Modern life and the fear of being deprived of society’s privileges have forced people to put masks on their faces and make their truth as a person favored by society, but being untruthful has made people suffer and wander.

Pointing to the fact that reflecting on the suffering of loneliness elevates the soul, Ashfete said: “Shabikhon” depicts the sufferings and sufferings of a human being alone, but it also emphasizes the neurosis suffered by the community.

Further, he pointed to the philosophical expression of the work and said: In this work of art, with a philosophical expression, we witness a part of human life whose dreams do not come true and the resulting suffering is familiar to the audience; Because in his suffering, he sees himself not living.

Monologue is the best form to express loneliness in the theater

Ashfete pointed to the liberation found in famous Persian poems such as Maulana and Hafez and said: We are captives of a prison that we have made ourselves, and in this work, an attempt has been made to put man in front of a pain that is self-made. Although the pain that is the main purpose of this work is not limited to the geographical borders of our country, our motherland is the cradle of love and today’s artist can be a messenger of love and liberation, just like the famous artists of his art.

The show “Shabieh Khoon” written by Sohrab Hosseini and directed by Mohammad Hatami is on stage every night in the shadow hall of the Shahr theater complex only until November 4th.


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