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Noor plan will be implemented with 4 educational activities in non-government schools – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr News Agency, Ahmad Mahmoodzadeh, head of the Organization of Non-Governmental Schools and Centers and People’s Participation in the training and empowerment course for managers of non-governmental schools of the Mobeen plan (prayer helper program management) which was held simultaneously in 6 national centers of Tehran, Isfahan, East Azarbaijan, Kermanshah, Fars and Khorasan. Razavi was held, while condoling the days of mourning of Hazrat Fatima Zahra (s) Giving a report on the actions taken by the organization of schools and non-governmental centers and the development of public participation, he said: the implementation of the fundamental transformation document is one of the key tasks of education; In the new era, attention and seriousness is on this issue so that all dimensions of the fundamental transformation document are realized in education.

Deputy Minister of Education, implementation He considered the document of fundamental transformation of education as one of the most important activities of education and said: the spirit of this document is educational and cultural, and 131 solutions are knowledge. the learner It is teacher-centered.

He continued: In the organization of non-governmental schools and centers and the development of popular partnerships, we have designed a strategic document to achieve the goals of the fundamental transformation document and we are trying, with the participation and cooperation of the educational and cultural vice-chancellor, more and more in the path of Islamic education. Let’s take a special step on the topic of prayer, which attention was emphasized by the Supreme Leader.

Mahmoudzadeh added regarding Noor Cheshm project: This project is being seriously considered and implemented in non-government schools in the form of 4 activities of Bahar Bandgi, Mihrab project, Three memes project and Chow and Chera project (which is holding religious discourses). Mihrab (congregational prayers in schools) should be held in a special way and lead to the publication of live congregational prayers in schools through the media and we expect Noor Chesh project to be held as a prestigious program in all non-government schools.

He said: The plan to connect prayers, homes, schools and mosques is another measure, as well as the plan to hold religious discourse meetings, which is in the form of the Light of Eyes axis. In fact, our programs are in this format as educational programs, we expect all programs in non-government schools to be held as a school-centered policy, and we have tied the organization’s educational and cultural activities to the issue of school rankings.

The Deputy Minister of Education said: We expect that all these programs will be taken into account and implemented in non-governmental schools, and the holding of this large national conference also shows the special attention of the organization of schools and non-governmental centers and the development of public participation to the realization of the practical solutions of the fundamental transformation document. Education is about education, and we hope to take effective steps by participating in the field of education and prayer.

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