One day high, one day low; Car price dizziness continues / Samand and Dena became cheaper + price table

Economy Online – Parham Karimi; The price of Peugeot 206, which had decreased by one million Tomans yesterday, increased again today and returned to the same price of 305 million Tomans. 206 Type 5 full model 1399 did not change and the same 355 million Tomans was traded.

Peugeot 207 panoramic roof gears are still unchanged and are traded for 413 million tomans. The price of the automatic version and the 1400 model is still traded at 610 million tomans without change.

The gear version with metal roof and model 1401 is still traded without change at 397 million Tomans. Peugeot 405 in the gasoline version is traded with a stable price of 292 million in the continuation of the trend. This car in the dual-burner version also became 3 million more expensive and recorded a price of 305 million Tomans. Peugeot Pars LX Model 1401 continues this week unchanged according to the constant trend of the previous weeks and was traded at 380 million Tomans.

This car has not changed in the 1401 model with the XU7 engine today and is traded for 315 million Tomans.

Peugeot 2008 was unchanged and the same 1 billion and 380 million tomans are traded. Samand LX in the 1401 model with a reduction of 2 million and 304 million tomans.

Ordinary Dena model 1401 was reduced by another 2 million Tomans to 404 million Tomans.

This car was reduced by 2 million in the automatic turbo version and is traded for 513 million tomans.

Tara Automatic remained unchanged and is traded at 595 million Tomans. The gear version is traded without changing 460 million tomans.

The price of Rana Plus is traded without change at 299 million Tomans. This car in the version with a glass roof was priced at 328 million tomans without change.

Pride 111 was traded for 204 million Tomans, which did not change compared to the previous day, and version 131 was unchanged, and today it was traded for 183 million Tomans in the market.

Pride van or 151 was priced at 187 million tomans without change. Quick Automatic Plus in model 1401 was unchanged and is traded in the market for 328 million tomans.

The simple and gear version of this car did not change and it was the same and was traded for 219 million Tomans.

Saina EX did not change gears and is traded at 214 million Tomans without change.

The Tiba hatchback did not become expensive and cost the same 205 million without change.

The cash register version of this car, however, increased by two million to 196 million tomans.

The price of the falcon in the 1400 model is traded at 2 million, 368 million tomans. The price of the 1401 model was traded with an 8 million decrease of 380 million Tomans.


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