Silent: We are involved in media vortices that we will not compete with Sepahan / We are following the preparation of the team for the next season

According to Tasnim News Agency reporter from Esfahan, Mohammad Reza Saket after Sepahan’s work in the Premier Football League, winning the third place in the table, stated: There are concerns in cyberspace, many of which may not be a real sympathizer of Sepahan. In the past few days, we had six administrative, executive and technical meetings based on the ideas of Muharram Navidkia, and we are following the path of preparing the team for the next season.

“It’s not like we have to make plans before the action because of the news and the pressure,” he said, adding that he was promoting the club’s actions. We have a professional strategy in this direction and we do not get involved in media vortices that sometimes create competitors. We remind them of the content of the media literacy classes we have provided for the active part of the club, and we ask them not to fall into the vortices of media that are sometimes created by competitors.

The CEO of Sepahan Club, stating that the path ahead for the golden-clad is planned and logical, noted: “Based on our normal budget, we will organize the team based on Navidkia’s ideas.” There is a good technical connection between the club’s academy and the Sepahan adult team, and we have brainstorming sessions to explain technical thinking.

Saket continued: “The coaches of Sepahan Academy are football players and university students who have passed the AFC coaching degrees and have been capable players in Isfahan.” Sepahan youth team had coded the adult team. There have been good people in Sepahan who have now become coaches, but we have a limited capacity to use coaches. Some of them may not be usable, but there is no reason for the inability of these coaches.

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