Stock market forecast for Monday, April 21, 1402 / Is the stock market close to correction?

According to Tejarat News, the stock market was able to record the second record value of small transactions this year during Sunday’s trading, so that investors can hope for the continued prosperity of the market. This is despite the fact that the overall index of the stock market recorded a lower growth than the previous days and some industries also turned red unlike the previous days.

Some market observers evaluate this trend in the sense that the Tehran Stock Exchange is approaching a partial correction and they believe that the rise of Sharpie in the past days and touching a level that the total index had never seen before has put the market on the path of adjustment and correction. Is.

News affecting transactions

The news of the increase in car prices, despite the uncertainties surrounding it, has charged the car stocks in the market. On Sunday, the automobile companies were among the lucky groups of the stock market and were able to record the largest inflow of real money into the stocks.

These news still influence the market and strengthen the car group as the market leader.

On this day, fixed income funds were again faced with the withdrawal of real money, and in this way, more than 52 billion Tomans of real money were withdrawn from this sector. This approach of investors can be a sign of money moving from funds to the stock market. Especially since the parallel markets are now in serious recession.

Stock forecast

As can be seen from the behavior of the market, the excitement of the traders has decreased a little, but the stock market has still maintained its attractiveness for investment. On Sunday, the stock market witnessed the arrival of one thousand and 57 billion real money, which is a very high figure compared to recent weeks. It should be noted that on Saturday, the stock market attracted 1,443 billion tomans of real money.

Meanwhile, on Sunday, the total value of the stock market transactions was 74 thousand 322 billion tomans, of which 15 thousand 956 billion tomans were the share of small stock transactions, preemptive rights and stock funds.

In this way, the value of small transactions today was able to register a new record in the new year. After registering the value of small transactions of 17 thousand and 950 Tomans on Saturday, which was the record of the highest value of transactions since the beginning of 1401, now the transactions of more than 15 thousand billion Tomans have obtained the second rank in the ranking of the value of small transactions since last year. Is.

In this way, it seems that on Monday, the stock market will be the focus of the traders, and especially the automobile group will still be able to go through a good trend with the help of the news charge.

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