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According to Tejarat News, as it appears from the market conditions, the recessionary trend of the last two weeks of summer has also fueled autumn. The second week of October started while the downward trend of the total index of the Tehran Stock Exchange has gained momentum.

Even though the disruption in the brokerage systems had an impact on this drop, what kept the market in limbo last week had a negative effect on the trading flow of the stock market on the first day of the week.

In the meantime, the shareholders who bought stocks in the hope of improving the conditions after the amendment of the feed rate approval, its formulation and stability until the end of the 7th development plan, along with the news of the exchange rate change in the calculation of the base price of petrochemical products, have been in the best condition for weeks. They have faced the dream of capital. Although the pumping of this positive news managed to help the index grow by 11%, equal to 217 thousand units, but the life of this rise was limited to two weeks.

The performance of the glass hall displays

At the end of trading on Saturday, the main thermometer of the glass hall stopped at the level of two million and 84 thousand with a decrease of 0.64%, equivalent to 13 thousand and 442 units of the height of this index.

The decrease in the height of the main indicator of the glass hall happened while the weighted index, which indicates the general price trend of all listed companies, recorded the same performance and reached a height of 715,000 units with a decrease of 3,321 units.

The total OTC index, which reflects the general level of the stock prices of the companies present in the OTC, stood at the level of 26 thousand 10 units with a decrease of 0.37%, equivalent to 95.82 points from the height of this index.

Tehran Stock Exchange in the mirror of statistics

Although the color of the trading board had soured the taste of the shareholders, the indicators of the evaluation of the trading situation of the glass hall appeared encouraging. Stopping the process of exiting real capital from the market and turning it into money inflow, aside from the significant value of the transactions, revived signs of hope in the hearts of the shareholders.

It is worth mentioning that a large part of the changes in the value and volume of transactions after the end of the market was due to the registration of pre-emptive transactions of the Shegstar symbol. Therefore, it can be concluded that the general atmosphere of the market has not changed significantly with what it was last week.

The board of the Tehran Stock Exchange showed the value of retail transactions (stocks, preemptive rights, and mutual funds) on Saturday at 6,558 billion tomans. The value of transactions recorded an increase compared to the level of the previous trading day.

Experts believe that stabilizing this index above seven thousand billion tomans is necessary for the continuation of the positive trend of the stock market. The board of Tehran Stock Exchange shows the trading volume of 17.1 billion shares on Saturday.

Experts believe that the more the trading volume reaches higher levels in the current ranges of the total index, the clearer the vision of the new wave of the total index will be drawn in the minds of the shareholders. Because the entry of fresh shareholders will make the way up more smooth.

Checking the ownership statistics of natural persons on Tuesday indicates the arrival of real capital in the stock market. The index of capital inflows and outflows at the end of the stock exchange on Saturday reports the inflow of 432 billion tomans from shares, preemptive rights and mutual funds. Although this change was also helped by the sale of Shagstar’s rights of way.

Sunday stock market forecast

According to what was investigated, the significant increase in the volume and value of the transactions, which on average each recorded a double increase compared to the average of the last week, was the attractive topic of the transactions on the first day of the week. Maintaining these levels of transaction volume and value, along with positive news that will probably be heard in the coming days of the week, will pave the way for the growth of the overall index.

However, the removal of any of the parameters in the current market conditions (reduction of inflation expectations, stability in parallel markets and putting the main driver of the stock market in place) can delay the growth of the market.

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