The importance of Qalanoi’s opinion about the resignation of the head coach of the Omid/Badamaki team

According to Mehr reporter, Ehsan Asulli, the spokesperson of the Football Federation, told reporters after the meeting of the board of directors: The meeting of the board of directors was held after the presence of the officials of the football federation in the send-off ceremony of the national women’s football team of our country. At the beginning of this meeting, Mehdi Taj, the president of the Football Federation, presented a report on the federation’s plans, and the manager of the national teams also explained about the national team’s camps and the Jordanian tournament. Furthermore, the president of the football federation condemned this action in view of the recent events in the occupied territories of Palestine and Gaza, and the members of the board supported Taj’s words.

He added: In this meeting, most of the time was spent on how to choose the representatives of the clubs present in the Asian Champions League, the details of which will be announced in detail by the officials in the future.

Usoli continued: In line with the administrative organization of the football federation and the acquisition of ISO standards, events are happening in the federation and we will always take the necessary action for them. In the agenda of today’s meeting, we discussed 2 issues, one of which was the issue of sending national teams to international events and the second was the issue of welcoming the national teams.

The spokesperson of the Football Federation Board of Directors said: Regarding the system of youth and football schools that was opened in the past, the members of the Board of Directors emphasized that this system should be launched as soon as possible. This system is very important because of the direct connection between football schools and families, and our people have expectations that we should do our duty.

The member of the board of the football federation said that Hossein Badamki is the president of the Mashhad football board and how he can be the sports vice president of the Persepolis club at the same time: Hossein Badamki is still the president of the Mashhad football board, but due to his presence in the Persepolis club, he should resign according to the rules. declare yourself We will act according to the law in this regard.

The spokesperson of the Board of Directors of the Football Federation stated that the Board of Directors and the President of the Federation are based on interaction with all departments. Football is not a separate island from different parts of the country. The federation has never violated this agreement and strategy. Various sets help to solve these problems. Do these talks benefit football and help? Is it in line with the promotion of football or personal discussions? We stand on the strategy of cooperation with TV and radio and it will never be violated.

About the great failures of the Omid team and the fact that Taj announced that these results deserve an apology and reflection, Usoli said: Taj raised this issue as the head of the federation. The members of the board of the football federation should also accept the responsibility and we apologize to the people for these events and results, but the technical issues of the Omid team and the events that caused these results should be carefully analyzed. This issue was also postponed to a meeting with friends. The results of this meeting will definitely reach the public.

The spokesperson of the federation said: Of course, people should pay attention to the point that Taj pointed out today. Unanimity in the management of the Omid team is a point that can keep us away from these challenges. The most important challenge we face in the National Hope team is duality in team management. must be specified. The football federation, the members of the board and the president of the federation emphasize on it.

About the fact that the federation’s request was applied in the management of the Omid team, Usoli said: We believe that in order to achieve results in the field of the Omid football team, unity of decision-making, unity of approach and unity of management must be formed. Maybe we can’t reach the result with a dual life. This is a very serious and specific injury. Of course, our words do not mean that the Olympic Committee has failed in the field of Team Omid, the committee has definitely worked hard and helped. This is the opinion of the board of directors.

Regarding the fact that people expect the football federation to apologize for the results of the Omid team, he said: both the team manager, the president of the federation and I have announced the apology. Management discussions should be defined within the federation and turn them into propositions so that such incidents do not happen again, but the expectations of the people and fans are also a clear issue.

In response to Yahya Golmohammadi’s comment and his expectation from the Football Federation regarding the injury of Morteza Pouraliganji, the spokesperson of the federation said: God willing, they will be successful.

The member of the Football Federation’s Board of Directors said that it is said that Qala Novi is one of the supporters of Reza Enayati and whether the head coach of the national team will be consulted to cooperate with him again. Joined. The opinion of the head coach of the national team is important in this matter. Definitely, the opinion of Ghale Nooyi will be effective for Team Omid in the next discussions. It has a technical and specialized process that will start soon. Finally, we will announce what is decided.

Regarding the national team sponsorship, he said: There is a contract based on which the federation acts. Considering the economic conditions of the country, it is difficult for us to attract sponsors.

A member of the Federation’s Board of Directors said about the latest situation of the meeting between Sepahan and Ittihad: The Federation has conducted correspondence and negotiations in this regard.

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