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The insurance arbitration center is about to be born in the womb of the insurance syndicate

to report monetary financial news, The main problem of recent years is not related to non-compliance with legal issues, but the difference in attitude and interpretation, which has caused the absence of a single point of view in the triangle of the judiciary, insurers and insurance companies.

Therefore, with the continuous follow-up and efforts of Karimi, the Secretary General of the Syndicate of Iranian Insurers, in the last two years, the insurance industry in 1401 amounted to 100 million (thousand billion Tomans) related to 69 million claims and in 1400 more than 65 Hemet has paid damages related to 52.5 million cases. Of course, the number of cases in 1401 has increased by 24.6% compared to the previous year. With such a situation and considering the loss of 165 Hemmatis in the last two years alone with 121.5 million claims, it is natural that some of the cases become a place for disputes between insurers and insurers, although a significant part of this Cases have been developed in the insurance industry.

With such a situation in the process of filing claims in the insurance industry, the lack of reconciliation of part of the claims and its referral to decision-making institutions has always been one of the risks of the insurance industry, which is out of the control of this economic enterprise. Some of the big insurers have also had a double interest in most of the damage cases to pursue their losses from other sources so that they may be able to increase the received damages.

In recent years, due to the increase in the level of insurance coverage and the promotion of the insurance culture among people and policyholders and the subsequent increase in the number of damage cases referred to some courts, we have also seen in the financial statements of insurance companies that With the decision of the competent authorities regarding the cases filed in the judicial authorities, sometimes the cost of damages has been taken directly from the account of some insurance companies. Although the duty of the insurers is to cover the losses and compensate the victims, but the insurance companies have other stakeholders in their business to whom they must also be accountable.

Therefore, solving this important and serious challenge has been one of the basic considerations of the legal working groups in the Insurers’ Syndicate.

Based on this and in order to manage this risk, now the insurers’ syndicate, in interaction with the judiciary, has been able to create new capacities that, first of all, from the number of insurance cases in the courts, which according to the experts, the second number of cases in terms of the number of institutions and secondly, for the benefit of insurers and insurers, by creating new capacities, it will reduce the time for paying damages and possible disputes.

This understanding and unanimity of words has come from the holding of consensus meetings between the insurers’ union and the judiciary. The meetings that started in 1400, after the number of challenges and legal problems, now after the consensus and support of the insurers and of course the assistance of the judiciary, they are in the joint working group between the insurance industry and the judiciary, which consists of 10 members (5 members of the insurance industry and 5 members of the judiciary), it will be brought up and a solution will be sought.

In the meantime, forming the insurance legal working group, appointing and announcing the members of the working group to the secretariat of the headquarters, following up on the implementation of resistance economy policies in the judiciary, preparing and compiling the policy of the insurance legal working group, allocating the branches of prosecutors and courts of first instance and appeals to handle the cases insurance, planning regarding the consensus of judges of specialized branches and using the capacities of the arbitration and mediation institution in the insurance industry and formulating the appropriate mechanism for it can be mentioned among the approvals of holding specialized meetings of the insurers’ syndicate with the judiciary, which In parallel, obtaining the license of the specialized arbitration body is being pursued.

After these planned interactions, it is reported from the insurance syndicate that at the same time as holding specialized insurance courses for judges, finally after holding numerous meetings at the high and middle levels of the judiciary, this institution has succeeded in obtaining the license of the insurance arbitration institution. receive from the judiciary.

But now, with the formation of specialized committees consisting of representatives of the judiciary and representatives of the insurance industry, the management of the specialized arbitration institution has been completed to the point where its statutes are being compiled, and Seyed Mohammad Karimi, as the founder of this specialized institution, has received the necessary qualifications from the judiciary. has received

By amending some cases of conflict of interest in the current constitution of the insurance syndicate, the arbitration institution is supposed to become a reference for resolving disputes between insurers, representatives and insurers. This institution will be formed with the arbitration capacities of the judiciary and its first location will probably be in the building of the insurance syndicate.

This self-governing organization, as an intermediary between the plaintiff and the complainant, with the help of experts in the insurance industry and sometimes employed and retired, which is formed with the income of the arbitrators’ fees, etc., receives its legitimacy from the plaintiff and the complainant, because the law has defined arbitration as an optional matter, and with this action, in addition to preventing numerous cases from entering the courts and avoiding the delay of proceedings, it will employ a significant number of competent and specialized people, sometimes employed and retired, who can facilitate matters Payment of damages and settlement of lawsuits without going to court should be effective.

On the other hand, in order to solve the issue of conflict of interest, the Insurers’ Syndicate intends to amend the relevant clauses of the statute so that it can legally play a role in this field. Based on this, the relevant amendment will be submitted to the Supreme Council of Insurance.

The decision-making members of this arbitration body will also be determined by the opinion of the judiciary.

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