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The latest book of Kivan Saket was presented to the audience

The latest educational book of Kivan Saket, a composer and tar and three-tar player, titled “Neighboring Chin Tak Cluster” was made available to the audience.

Charso Press: Keyvan Saket, a composer and string and three-string player, said: “My new book, titled “Khoshe Chin-Tak-e-Ghoseh”, including 23 Western songs from the Baroque period to the Romantic period, was published by Varizhan Publishing House.

This musician added: These works are composed by Western music greats such as Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Chopin, Paganini. During these years, these works have been performed with the accompaniment of string and orchestra or piano and have also been presented as an album.

He mentioned: Some time ago, I decided to provide the sheet music of these songs to those who are interested. Therefore, we have written the sheet music of these works for both piano and string instruments in this book, and students and enthusiasts of both instruments can benefit from it.

At the end, Saket said: This book is for the students of the excellent course of tar and three tar, and oud players can also use this book.

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