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They were forced to choose Atai/We will not have an Iranian coach for another 10 years – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

In an interview with Mehr reporter, Mohammad Reza Damghani said about the current state of the national volleyball team after failing in the League of Nations and the Asian Championship: In the last 10 years, Iranian volleyball has had a great coach named Velasco Also, some superstars shined in Asian volleyball and showed themselves to the great volleyball players of the world. The national team achieved good results with these players. With this obstacle to one load Iranian volleyball was empty and the lottery fell to Atai.

All volleyball honors collapsed with the Iranian coach

He added: There was no mental preparation for the volleyball family that one day our team would lose to Japan in Asia. In the past, Japan always lost against us, but with the presence of Philip Blaine A change happened in this team and now it is considered as our serious opponent. Unfortunately, Iranian volleyball is one load At A few months Recently, all his honors collapsed with the head coach of Iran and the results were not accepted by the volleyball family and the people.

Some criticisms of the technical staff were acceptable

The Iranian volleyball expert stated: Part of the criticism directed at the national team’s technical staff was completely acceptable, and part of it was not. There are no more superstars of the past in the national team, the absence of these great players had an effect on the team’s results. In fact, we have a number of talented players that we can invest in for the future. This change of generation and comparing them with the past volleyball did not have a good outcome and finally our team could not get good results in the League of Nations and we presented the trophy to the Japanese in the Asian Championship in Iran.

Criticisms created confusion and a tense atmosphere

He said: There was a problem with the selection and arrangement of the players and the criticisms were completely justified. These issues unfortunately caused confusion in the whole volleyball family and a tense atmosphere. Now the head of the federation has announced that they will inevitably go to the Asian Games with the same technical staff because the Ministry of Sports emphasizes on it.

In response to the fact that it would not be better for the federation to send the youth team that won the world championship to the Asian Games, Damghani noted: I do not accept this at all because there is a big gap between youth and adults. We cannot say that because the youths won the world championship, they could also achieve results in the Asian Games.

The federation had to continue with Atai

He stated that the national team needs to calm down in the current situation and said: The national volleyball team has not achieved results in several matches, but if we keep destroying Atai, it will not hurt the national team. Currently, the federation is forced to use the same technical staff. Participate in upcoming competitions. Maybe the referee has a tendency to change the technical staff, which I think will happen in the future, but for now there is no solution. Maybe he is facing many problems that we are not aware of.

They had to choose Atai/we will not have an Iranian coach for another 10 years

If the federation did not have financial problems, it would not have chosen Atai in the first place

He said: I feel that if the referee did not have financial problems and had the ability to pay the wages of foreign coaches, he would not have chosen Atai as the head coach from the beginning. Because he has full respect for the abilities of Iranian coaches. But now he is facing a financial problem and he has to move forward with these conditions. In the current situation, the volleyball family should inject peace into the team. Countless criticisms do not cure pain. Maybe the situation will get worse and your players and technical staff members will be on top of each other.

In 10 years, there will be no more Iranian coaches

He said: Therefore, I request everyone to calm down the atmosphere. Bringing up some issues is not in the interest of Iranian volleyball and ultimately the national team will suffer. In the next ten years, volleyball will no longer see the color of the Iranian head coach. This is painful. We have to go through this bitter and dark path with peace in order to have a good team with the next generation. Other criticisms of Atai are enough.

No player has played as much as Abadipour outside Iran

Regarding Milad Ebadipour’s rejection, he said: “He showed in the Asian Championship that he is far away from the former Ebadipour, this may be due to his personal issues, that he recently had a child, and he was far from the atmosphere of being a fighter and fighting, and this issue It was quite clear. But I consider him one of the best coaches in the history of volleyball and he has proven this to everyone, no player has played as much as him outside of Iran. He has played in Poland and Italy, while foreign clubs do not sign long-term contracts with Legionnaire players, but he has played in these teams for a long time.

Milad Unprepared is even better than some players

Damghani emphasized: Even the famous Saeed Marouf with all the technical skills he had womanhood He signed a two-year contract but played only one year in that team. He is a good player, although he is far from the condition of preparation. The head coach of the team announced that Milad is temporarily not with the team. I ask him to return to the team, of course, I don’t know about the conditions of the national team camp, but Milad is not a player that can be easily ignored. He will definitely be added to the team, as it happened to Saber Kazemi and Esfandiar. I believe that unprepared Milad will be far better than some players who are in camp.

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