Where is the root of housing market stagnation? / The consumer is the main victim of the real estate market turmoil

According to Tejarat News, it was at the beginning of winter last year that with the rise of the average house price in Tehran to 55 million tomans and as a result of the increased inflammation caused by it in the society, the government decided to prevent the publication of statistics related to the housing sector.

After this date, there were no official statistics except field observations of the housing market until, along with the recession of the early summer, some officials mentioned statistics that were not available to the public. They believed that housing prices had dropped by 15-20%; The process which is based on the same oral statistics is still going on.

This announcement of price reduction in the housing market was criticized by real estate experts and activists from the very beginning. The downward trend in prices, which the revolutionary government considers one of its achievements, is nothing but the natural reaction of the market to this several-month recession, and in the end, compared to the huge mountain of price increases in recent years, it is nothing more than a small particle. But where does this stagnation in the market come from and what effect does the disorder in other financial and capital markets have on the current state of real estate?

Psychotherapy in the housing market

Regarding the psychotherapy of the housing market, Mansour Ghaibi, a housing expert, told Tejarat News: “People have reached a kind of belief in the country’s economic issues, as a result of which worrying about the instability of goods and services has become a habit.”

He continued: “As a result of this incident and the formation of inflationary expectations, we are facing a decrease in the value of people’s money and assets. Of course, the psychological burden of this view and the effects on the increase and even decrease in prices play a role beyond the reasons and realities of the economy based on the influence of indicators and effective variables.

He added: “A living example of mental management in the field of housing economy is the announcement of a decrease in property prices at the beginning of 1402 by the government. The statesmen from Ibn Tariq intend to bring down the price by bringing the housing sector into stagnation; An action that has caused thousands of billions of Tomans of capital to face the lack of proper circulation in terms of financial resources, causing losses to the people and the government itself.

Ghaibi explained: “At one end of this psychological game, there are traders and economic investors who can impose the psychological burden of price increases on the society, including in the housing sector. By stimulating the effective factors, especially the price of currency, dollar, coin and gold, they increase the false price of housing.

What are the results of continuing mental games in the housing market?

This housing expert said about a solution to improve the chaotic situation of the housing market: “It seems that until the proper, coherent and unified management with wealth, stability and prosperity does not occur in the field of the housing economy, mental games are being played by both statesmen and businessmen. It will be based on the technical equations of the field of housing economy, the result of which is to keep the consumer’s hand away from suitable housing.

Therefore, in the period when the housing market is going through its most critical conditions, the government, instead of using the right policies and measures to organize large-scale projects, has taken a path that has had no other result than hitting the real consumer.

Inflation and show maneuvers of the governments have now brought the real estate market to the point where buyers and investors have left the arena, until the unknown time of the market boom, there will be less transactions in companies.

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