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“Life after life” is not made for death but for life

According to Fars news agency, citing the public relations of Sedavasima, Abbas Mozon, host and producer of “Life after Life”, said about this program: People who want to understand the reality of these experiences can do two things. One is to refer to similar experiences all over the world through the internet and search in this regard to see that it has been about 50 years that these experiences have been discovered, informed, recorded and reported in all countries of the world, especially in Europe and America has started and doctors and heads of hospitals and medical staff are recording these cases, and practically we are behind the world in recording and reporting these issues.

According to him, the second thing that people can do in this regard is to do research. Because we introduce expensive experience where the doctor and the witness and many people confirm what happened, that they are all alive and When the experimenter says, for example, I was in the ICU or CCU during my hospitalization and I saw what others were doing in the hospital yard or on the upper floors or outside, we go after these people and We talk to them and these people also confirm. As a result, viewers can go to the mentioned hospitals and ask the doctors if there was such a thing or not?!

The producer of this program continued: During these events, Fred says I was out of my body and others who are scientific people confirm this. For example, the head of the hospital and the head of the resuscitation team sit in front of the experimenter and talk to each other, and he says that when my heart stopped, these people did such things, and he tells all the details, and the surprised hospital team also confirms this. .

He asked whether there had been any disproved cases of empiricists or not. He added: There have been no such cases after the broadcast of the program, and the production is such that until now, more than 4,400-4,300 expressions of experience have been reviewed, and only 140 people have been seen in these four seasons. That is, every season, about 30 people have expressed their experiences, and some of them are thousands of cases, or they are dreams, or some others imagine and imagine, and some others express the opposite of reality, and there are also sick people. For this reason, screening is done.

Mozon clarified about the screening of the experimenters: We do not only rely on the statements of the experimenter, and he wants witnesses, and there must be documents and evidence, and 54-53 components are needed to confirm the experimenter’s words, and all these must be checked. In addition, there is no single interview at all, and for this reason, unlike other talk shows, the guest enters the studio and leaves after recording the program.

He emphasized: We have at least five interviews with the experimenter, and what the audience sees on TV is the result of four or five interviews with the experimenter, and there is a time gap between the interviews, and one of the reasons for this is to see Is there any contradiction among the talks of the experimenter or not?! As a result, in editing the program, we show that the conversation that the experimenter expressed in the studio is close to what he said months ago, and in fact, our editing is a research, and in no way, anything in this program is fake.

The producer of “Life After Life” stated about the purpose of making this program: Undoubtedly, the surprise and novelty of this program has decreased for the audience who have seen the program in the previous seasons and more acceptance has been created. Therefore, the main goal of the program is that there is an invisible world or unseen world, and we will continue to live in that world, and we have a system of punishment and reward, and we must be accountable. This makes our life today. Because we strive for today’s life.

Mozon said: “Life after life” program is not made for death, but for life, and this topic is also in the title of the program, and it has been repeated twice for our lifestyle, behavior, thoughts, speech, and communication, as well as the relationship between man and God. And God’s people and themselves will improve. These four things, that is, God, self and creations are important for getting better and we believe that one should accept that the world is not only material and one can continue living in space and the non-material world and one should be careful because he will be responsible.

The producer of “Life After Life” emphasized about the feedback of the program: We have a page on the Internet where we post the statements of people who have changed deeply and we have hundreds of messages that a person has in the personal, family and social spheres. He has been upgraded and left the bad things and turned to the good things. These issues range from the right of people to the right of God and the right of soul.

He clarified: “Last year, in the third season, we had a poll and asked if there was anyone who stopped committing suicide as a result of watching this program?” And this survey includes four options and the first option, yes, it was myself, 7340 people chose this option and 3737 people said a close acquaintance who knows it and 4038 people said someone who is one of my acquaintances and heard about him. And 75% of the participants said that neither myself nor anyone else. It means that more than 15,000 people said that a person was saved from suicide in just 24 hours of the survey. Meanwhile, according to government statistics, we have 100,000 suicides every year. Of course, Iran is in the middle of the world table of suicides, and we can discuss the issue of how correct the statistics of this program are?

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