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Qalanoi’s moral response to the Japanese reporter

According to the sports reporter of Fars news agency, our country’s national football team managed to defeat Japan 2-1 in the important and sensitive quarter-final match of the Asian Cup of Nations by presenting a superior game and reaching the top 4 teams of the continent.

In the press conference of this match, Amir Ghale Nooyi, the head coach of our country’s national football team, in response to the Japanese reporter’s question that Iran was tactically, physically and mentally superior in this game and destroyed its opponent, said: Football is not a place to be destroyed. Football is a place to enjoy. I agree that technically, especially after the goal we scored, we played one of our best games. At the beginning of the game, our kids did not have confidence. Maybe it was because of Japan’s results before this tournament.

He added: “For the second half, we gave a series of technical warnings that if their 3 central midfielders leave the game and we press from the front, we can win even in 90 minutes.” Thank God, this important event happened. Japan is always respected by everyone. It offers very good football. He showed that he is a great team with the legionnaires he has in Europe, but we played much better today. Their coach is also one of my good friends. Just 3-4 months ago, our seats were next to each other at the FIFA summit. He is a very personable person. He also loves football from a love point of view. When we talked through the translator, I saw what a great person he is and what great thoughts he has.

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