Shahab: Apart from Moharrami and Hosseini, we have no injuries/ Mohibi’s injury was due to the pressure of the game

According to the correspondent of the Tasnim news agency from Doha, he said about the condition of the injured players of the Iranian national football team: “Thank God, we have no injuries, except for Sadegh Moharrami and Sidmjid Hosseini, who missed this tournament.” In the last two days, all the medical staff were at the disposal of the players to have a good recovery. I kiss the hands of the masseurs of the team and maybe they slept for three hours to prepare the players for the game against Japan.

Regarding Mohammad Mohebi leaving the field on a stretcher, he clarified: Mohebi’s injury was caused by the pressure of the game and the start of the game and there is no problem.

The physiotherapist of Iran’s national football team said about Majid Hosseini’s latest condition: Hosseini is not allowed to practice for the next three weeks. For the semi-final game, we will have 72 hours to recover, which is a good time.

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