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48,000 new jobs in Razavi Khorasan have been created and recorded in the system

Mohammad Amin Babaei added in an interview with reporters on Sunday: In the monitoring system, currently Tehran with 80,000 and Khuzestan with 49,000 jobs are in the first and second ranks, and if the provincial offices can register the jobs created this year, We will reach second place.

He added: The unemployment rate of Razavi Khorasan has decreased by 30% compared to last year and reached 7.2% this summer.

Director General of Cooperative, Labor and Social Welfare of Khorasan Razavi said: According to statistics, the population rate of 15 years and older in the province is four million and 889 thousand people, of which 2 million people are employed and 132 thousand people are unemployed.

Babaei added: 88,788 workshops are covered by social security in the province, and the total number of workers insured is 961,57.

Referring to Entrepreneurship Week, he continued: 111 different programs will be held in Khorasan Razavi Entrepreneurship Week, of which 74 face-to-face programs, 35 virtual programs, and 2 programs will be held face-to-face and virtual.

Director General of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare of Khorasan Razavi said: Education of labor laws, education of the public on the formation of cooperatives and introduction of facilities are among the titles of these programs.

Babaei added: 94 entrepreneurship consulting and service centers are active in the province, of which 13 entrepreneurship consulting and service centers and five accelerator centers have been licensed to operate this year.

He continued: We are continuing to set up the Cooperative Innovation Center (Menta) as a regional center in Razavi Khorasan.

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