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90% of Razi Insurance sales were realized

According to monetary and financial news, quoting the public relations and international affairs of Razi Insurance Company, Alireza Moshaglati, Planning and Transformation Manager of Razi Insurance Company, in the 21st Tuesday response program, which was broadcast live on the company’s Instagram page and with more than 1250 viewers. Noting that serious planning has begun to create a change in the company’s sales network, ‌ stated: The representative and the central branch in the new strategy of Razi Insurance Company is very important.
He continued: “We know very well that the representative is the front line of the company’s operations and during its activity, it should be supported by all staff units, so in the new design of the company’s organizational structure, this issue has been given special attention.” Is.
According to problems in the new structure of the organization, a separate department has been created to support the sales network, so that in the branches of the company, a colleague has been appointed to handle the affairs and provide advice to the representatives to lead the processes.
The director of planning and transformation of Razi Insurance Company also called the change of the organizational structure of the company by the order of the CEO and in line with the strategic turn, and said that the finalization of such an action will take some time. The restructuring is well visible.
He also analyzed the structure of the company’s sales network and stated that the results show that Razi Insurance Company needs to develop a branch network, noting that increasing the number of branches not only increases the level of insurers’ access to the company’s services. In addition to increasing the capital and stabilizing the company at the level of wealth one, it will also enhance the brand value of the company and will greatly affect the way agents interact with customers.
Problems also pointed to the implementation of the ISO 9001 system with the 2015 version in Razi Insurance Company, and stating that this measure can lead to improved processes and accelerate the company’s development process, ‌ said: The company’s emphasis is on the sales network to sell insurance Letters move with low risk to increase the company’s profitability in addition to maintaining the current favorable position.
Also in the continuation of this program, Nasser al-Din Eslami, Fard, Director of Public Relations and International Affairs of Razi Insurance, stated: From mid-November to mid-March of this year, all insurance buyers who text their insurance number to Razi Insurance system will win a Peugeot car. 206 will be included along with 100 tablets.
At the end of the meeting, the statue of Razi Insurance accountability was presented to Mr. Mishkati by Dr. Nasser al-Din Islamifard, Director of Public Relations and International Affairs of Razi Insurance.
It is worth mentioning that “Response Tuesdays” have been held by Razi Insurance Public Relations since the beginning of 1400, during which time the CEO, deputies and senior managers of the company have answered the questions raised by the representatives and the sales network in a live program.

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