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A look at the financial performance of “and cooperation” in 11 months 1400

According to the monetary financial news, citing the financial statements published in the Kedal system, the Cooperative Insurance Company has produced a figure of 911 billion, 984 million and 300 thousand Tomans of insurance premiums in various fields from the beginning of 1400 to the end of February.
Published statistics show that 34% of the company’s production premiums are in the field of compulsory third party, 24% in the field of treatment, 10% in the field of non-savings life insurance, 9% in the field of car body, 7% in the field of liability, 5% in the field The fire was 3 percent in life insurance, 1 percent in engineering, 1 percent in oil and energy, and another 1 percent in fire.
However the company in the fields of third party, surplus and blood money; Ship; Accidents; Money; The aircraft and the credit did not produce a premium.
Cooperative Insurance has produced a premium equivalent to 4 billion and 379 million Tomans in February.
The unaudited financial statements of Cooperative Insurance for the financial period up to December 20 of this year show that the gross premium income of this company has reached 598 billion and 203 million Tomans with a 66% growth compared to March 2016.
According to this report, the other insurance revenues of this company in the first 9 months of this year, with a 72% growth compared to the end of March 2016, have been equivalent to 22 billion and 257 million Tomans.
Payment of 470 billion tomans in damages
The compensation paid by this company in the first 11 months of this year was 470 billion and 44 million tomans.
Although the share of treatment in the total production premium is equal to 24%, but 39% of the compensation paid by the cooperative insurance is allocated to this field. After treatment, liability and non-savings life with 18%, compulsory third party with 15% and car body with 6% are in the next ranks of cooperative insurance compensation.
Of the total compensation paid by the company for 470 billion Tomans, the share of engineering, life saving, fire and passenger accidents was one percent.
The compensation paid by this company in February was about three billion and 110 million tomans.
The unaudited financial statements of Cooperative Insurance for the first 9 months of this year show that the net profit per share of Cooperative Insurance has decreased by 2% compared to the end of last year from 370 Rials to 292 Rials.
The net profit of this company has been announced as 43 billion and 883 million Tomans by the end of December this year.
It is worth mentioning that the return on capital of this company based on the profit generated until December 1400 (43 billion and 883 million Tomans) based on the capital of 150 billion Tomans (before increasing the capital to 500 thousand billion Tomans) was equal to 29.2%.

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