Ahmadi: Nationalists must be heroes in all respects / Ethics is the first priority of karate

Mehdi Ahmadi In an interview with IRNA on Tuesday, he described the selection of the Iranian men’s national karate team and said: “The karatekas went through eight stages of the camp and finally we held a selection for them, which was undoubtedly one of the most transparent selections in recent years.”

He added: “It is interesting that some critics called why the matches were broadcast live, did you have a video review system or a large monitor was installed in the hall. Whatever we do, some people still criticize that of course we do our job.

Regarding the use of film reviews, Ahmadi said: “This decision was a set of technical staff, which in my opinion and the majority of the karate community, was the right thing to do.”

He explained about the brilliance of young people in the selection competitions: “We said from the beginning that whoever wins in the selection will be fixed and we will not make a difference between the individuals.” We should take this event and the superiority of young people as a good omen.

Explaining that Iranian karate is on the path of skinning, Ahmadi explained: “We have great champions who have won the Asian, world and even Olympic championships with their efforts for years, but they must accept that talented young people are also present.”

The coach of the national team said: Many people said when will Zabihullah Pourshib retire? When a hero can compete and is ready, he cannot be left out. There must be a new person to defeat in the selection. These are young people who must win the elections very clearly in order to reach the national team.

He continued by stating that the priority of the technical staff and the ethics federation: “Be sure that new things happen in karate.” It does not matter to us who is the world champion or what is his ranking. We want our people to be moral heroes because karate has the potential to succeed and must put morality first.

The coach of the national team stated: “Leaving aside the same young people who succeeded in the selection, we still have young people who can succeed in the national team.”

He said: “After half a century, Aghatakhti is still introduced as a model of sports ethics in Iran.” While Pahlavan Takhti is one of the best athletes in Iran in terms of world medals, however, only morality and a good name remain.

Ahmadi said: “The Federation of Paternal Inheritance is nobody and no athlete should know everything for himself.” Iranian karate nationals are morally and technically excellent, and with their presence, past successes are repeated.

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