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Abdul Reza Iqbal in the conversation say He told Mehr: “After a year of being in charge of the Ardabil Province Wrestling Board and going through various ups and downs in the current situation with the aggravation of the situation in Corona, we are facing a crisis of lack of funds and neglect of sports, especially wrestling.”

He stated that one of the main problems of the province’s wrestling board was the lack of funds and financial resources and the lack of support from the officials in fulfilling their promises and said: Fifteen years after the construction of this complex, the building is being demolished and the technical office of the General Directorate of Sports and Youth has estimated 1.5 billion tomans of credit for its reconstruction.

The head of Ardabil Province Wrestling Board pointed to the unsuitable condition of dormitories and wrestling halls in the province and added: “While this year we had predicted a budget of 4 billion Tomans for the Wrestling Board based on the calendar of events and events of the Wrestling Federation, 120 million Tomans have been credited so far.” The injected wrestling team has been used to hold camps and sports competitions.

Iqbal added: “We are still facing a severe shortage of provincial and national funds and resources in setting up camps and holding various competitions along with the coronation conditions, and the governor of Ardabil, the governor and the representatives of the province in the parliament are none of the other provincial officials. They did not act as a symbol and brand of sports in the province.

He stated that the ship is a big problem and that the wrestling crew is involved in unnecessary activities and continued: “How long do we want to ignore other areas and sports and cultural activities by injecting the province’s funds into projects such as railways and industrial and economic projects?” We allow them to be neglected and ignored.

In another part of his speech, Iqbal noted: “If sport is a priority in many countries, it is aimed at reducing the cost of treatment and it is necessary in our country to pay more attention to sport and invest in supporting the health component and promoting people’s health and well-being.” To do in this area.

He added: “If this situation continues in the field of wrestling, we will definitely not be able to fulfill our responsibilities and I will resign from my position by the end of the remaining three-year period.”

Iqbal declared the Ardabil ship in need of a kind look along with continuous material and spiritual rebellions and said: “It is interesting that the Ardabil municipality was going to build three ship halls in deprived areas such as Mirashraf، گلمغان And the prince should make serious efforts, but none of these promises have been fulfilled in the last year.

He stated: We are facing the problem of providing credit of at least 30 million Tomans for sending youth teams in October, which should be done in any way possible. Defects Be fixed.

Iqbal reminded the necessity of holding the provincial wrestling league and the discussion of talent search and said: due to the coronary conditions and the terrible waves that we faced in the first half of the year, we could not hold the provincial wrestling league, which will be held as soon as the league conditions improve. .

He continued his remarks: With the closure of schools and educational units, the issue of talent identification has been neglected and neglected, which will definitely be considered with the reopening of schools in person, the issue of talent identification in the basic age groups on the ship.

Sending the youth wrestling team to the national olympiad

The head of Ardabil Province Wrestling Board announced that the main activities carried out in recent days are the presence of Ardabil youth, junior and non-junior wrestling teams in national competitions as well as beach competitions and said: It has been done in different age groups.

Iqbal announced the establishment of national team camps in different categories in Ardabil and added: with the evaluation of the Ardabil Province Wrestling Board from the 18th position in 1998, to the 13th position last year and we are still trying to improve this position.

He signed Memorandum of Understanding Cooperation with education, IRGC, municipality and other institutions pointed out and continued: Next week, the meeting of the heads of the provincial wrestling delegations North West The country will be hosted by Ardabil to exchange views and opinions.

Iqbal pointed to the holding of a coaching class with the presence of 70 coaches with the aim of improving the knowledge of coaches in a practical and theoretical way and said: “We were selected as the 11th top board among 33 wrestling teams in the country and 50 million Tomans were awarded to the province.”

He pointed to the preparation and distribution of 300 livelihood packages in Corona and other cultural activities in the provincial wrestling board and added: with the cooperation of education, halls have been assigned to this complex and the wrestling board to hold exercises and competitions in these halls. .

The head of Ardabil province wrestling board mentioned the dispatch of the province’s 16-year-old team to national competitions and olympiads in February and continued: This province will be defended.

Iqbal pointed out: Due to the coronary conditions and the reluctance of wrestlers to attend the halls, the number of organized wrestlers has decreased from 3,000 to less than 1,000, and the prevalence of coronary heart disease has disrupted this process.


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