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Asian games Basketball player: Everything was against us!

According to Fars correspondent from China, Iran’s three-man national basketball team lost to Mongolia while it was ahead of the opponent until the last second. Mohammad Mehdi Rahimi, a player of this team, said after being eliminated from the Asian Games: “It was a very difficult game for us.” The whole game was against us, both from the point of view of the atmosphere and the refereeing. He even took 50-50 shots in favor of the opponent. In the morning, we played against India and our energy was taken away. We were not used to playing two games in one day, that’s why we lost the winner’s game.

In response to the question, Rahimi, how did the Iranian team stay ahead of the opponent until the last seconds despite the refereeing problems and the atmosphere in the hall? Comment: The fact is that we lost our focus, we could not play our usual game and the result of the game was lost.

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