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Asian: If it rains from the sky, we will play to win / We still do not know if our game is with the spectator or not

According to the Fars news agency from Shiraz, Mojtaba Sarasiaei said in a press conference before the Fajr and Zobahan match: “The presence of spectators at times helps us a lot and we hope to see them in the stadium tomorrow.”

The head coach of Fajr Shahid Spasi added: “Despite all the problems, we have no excuse for tomorrow’s game, and if it rains from the sky, we will go to the field to get maximum points.”

The Asian team continued: “Zobahan team has great staff and players and we will definitely not have a simple game and we will play with all our cells.”

The head coach of Fajr also stated: that empathy has been created in the province for Fajr to stay, we should see the result on the ground, one of the results of which could be to provide the conditions for the presence of our spectators.

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