Bayani: Failure of the national team to advance to the final of the Nations Cup is considered a failure

Shahin Bayani said about the victory of the national team against Qatar and the championship of Qalanewi’s students in the Jordan tournament: This Qatar is completely different from the team that won the Asian Nations Cup, and they will enter the games with a different face in the Nations Cup. Of course, the participation in this tournament and the confrontation with Jordan showed that we have a problem in the heart of the defense and changes should be made in this area of ​​the field.

The former defender of our country’s national football team further added: I think Ghalenoui has reached a definite conclusion about playing Shoja Khalilzadeh and is looking to place a player next to him among the other players. On the left side, the head coach of the national team has not yet been decided between Milad Mohammadi and Ehsan Hajsafi.

Bayani also pointed out: We have experienced players, most of whom will experience their last appearance in the Nations Cup. In my opinion, Iran has the potential to win this cup and if we reach the final, the championship will not be far away. Our problem is always to reach the semi-finals and the final, and I believe that if the national team does not reach the final, it will definitely fail.

In the end, he reminded: We have very good players in the midfield and attack, but there are weaknesses in the defense line that must be fixed. In this sensitive situation, Qalanoui is not thinking about changing skin and becoming young because he wants to get results in the Nations Cup, but definitely after this cup, the national team needs a change and a change.

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