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Beirut and Riyadh crisis; Possibility of expelling Lebanese from Saudi Arabia

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Beirut has received a message from Riyadh that some Lebanese should be expelled from Saudi territory if the mission of the Arab League’s deputy secretary general, Hossam Zaki, fails.

According to Sputnik, quoting Al-Mayadin, Saudi Arabia announced in a message to Lebanon that part of the Lebanese will be expelled from Saudi Arabia if the mission of the Deputy Secretary General of the Arab League, Hesam Zaki, fails.

Al-Mayadin quoted Lebanese government sources as saying that the deputy secretary general of the Arab League, as a prelude to resolving the Lebanese-Saudi crisis, called for the removal of Lebanese Minister of Information George Qardahi.

Lebanese sources stressed that Zaki refused to provide any guarantees for Riyadh to withdraw from his actions against Lebanon after Qardahi’s resignation.

The diplomatic crisis between Saudi Arabia and Lebanon began two weeks ago after Lebanese Information Minister George Qardahi issued a media statement describing the Yemeni war as “futile.”

Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council recently expelled Lebanese ambassadors over remarks by Lebanese Information Minister George Qardahi criticizing the Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen.

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