Car pricing troubles still continued / Denaplus price difference calculation with people

According to the online economy report, quoted by ISNA; Sepehr Dadjovi Tavakli, emphasizing that all the productions and obligations of assembly car manufacturers must be presented at the previous prices before the approval of 584 (July 17), said: the regulatory bodies are following this issue with sensitivity and the violation report of some major assemblers is in hand It is an investigation and people can register their complaints in this area with the support organization.

He continued: If a person has registered in the system and received an appointment, in this situation, the previous prices will be included. Until July 14, the prices of May 16 are the criteria. Therefore, no price increase is accepted for the previous commitments of automobile companies. Sometimes there is a discussion about the car manufacturer’s objection to the offer, which is rejected by the competition council and should be sold according to the previous prices.

Adding additional costs to the base price according to the law

The Public Relations Manager of the Competition Council stated that the announced prices of the Competition Council are basic and explained: Therefore, the cost of value added tax, numbering cost, insurance cost, etc. are added to these prices; In general, according to the law, between 13 and in some rare cases up to 16% are added to the base prices.

Referring to the prices of assembled cars announced by the competition council, Tavakli said: the prices announced by the council have decreased from 1 to 30 percent compared to the factory prices of various products, no new prices of assembled cars have increased compared to the price. The factory is not included.

Emphasizing that the prices are competitive, he explained: It is not true that the prices were calculated with the same car abroad. Most of the assembled cars in the G grade have been placed under the competitive label of the Competition Council, which according to the approval of the automobile companies are required to correct this procedure, otherwise they will not be allowed to increase the price.

Public Relations Director of the Competition Council added: If there is an increase in price, it is due to the cost of transportation and tariffs. The mentioned costs are different in each piece.

Emphasizing that the G grade has the lowest level of competitiveness, Tavakli said: The Automotive Faculty of the University of Science and Industry, in cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation, investigated and announced this issue.

The price of Dena Plus is under review

Referring to the Dena Plus car, he said: Iran Khodro announced a price that the National Competition Center found to be a mistake from the Council’s resolution and protested against it, the price was adjusted in Iran Khodro and this company submitted new documents. . These documents are being reviewed in the support organization, and as soon as the pricing details are reviewed according to the changes that the automaker has implemented in the support organization, it will be approved by the competition council’s car working group, and its complications will be raised in the council and the price will be announced.

The price difference between Dana Plus and the public is calculated

The director of the Public Relations Center of the Competition Council added: Therefore, Iran Khodro is obliged to calculate Denaplus at the price of the Competition Council and calculate the price difference with the public. This car with that code must have been sold and gone according to the approval of the council since it was announced. When the price is checked in the support organization and the differences in the car options are confirmed, the final number is the criterion; The number approved by the Competition Council is the criterion. If the person bought the car at any price, the competition council price is the criterion; The car manufacturer is aware of this issue and there is no problem.

The decisions of the Competition Council are not individual

Tavakli further explained about the car price review procedure in the competition council: experts and stakeholders have been invited in the car working group and hearing the words of stakeholders and manufacturers is not a reason for lobbying. The decisions of the council are council, not individual. The working group of the council is only proposing expert opinions.

He continued: The prices that were announced on May 16 were based on the information of the car manufacturers, and the car manufacturers presented their old information and did not take the presence of the competition council seriously, after facing the resistance of the regulatory bodies, they provided more detailed information and along with announcing the prices of the cars The new prices of other cars were also reviewed and announced.

The movement of the car market towards transparency

The Public Relations Director of the Competition Council emphasized that the results of the council and relevant institutions have moved the car market towards transparency, and said: “When the market prices are made real with the factory prices under the supervision of regulatory bodies, we will see that many false applicants will disappear from the market.” and the real consumer remains. The number of people who registered due to the difference between market and factory prices is getting shorter, of course there is a flaw in this process that is being tried to be fixed to make the process more transparent.

In the end, Tavakli stressed: One of the missing links in balancing the market and making it competitive is importing. This matter has been neglected and the import should be carried out according to the promises of the former minister of silence. For this purpose, the council has suggestions that it will present.

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