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Compensation to the Iranian investor by South Korea from the US financial system

According to the Fars International Economic Group, the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced today that the United States has allowed the US government to compensate the arrears to the group. دیانی Iran to pay in 2018 according to the order of the International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ISDS).

According to the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, اوفِک, Issued a “special permit” on January 6 to allow the Korean government to compensate an Iranian investor for the failed ownership of Daewoo Electronics in 2010.

Choi جونگ Kan Earlier this week, South Korea’s deputy foreign minister met with Robert Mali, the US special envoy for Iran, in Vienna on the sidelines of talks.

The International Center for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ISDS) in June 2018 ordered the Korean government to join the group دیانی About 73 billion وون ($ 63 million) but this payment was not made due to US sanctions.

The ministry said the special case-by-case authorization would allow the Korean government to use the US financial system to send money to the group. دیانی use. The exact amount to be sent will probably be determined through further consultations.

According to the South Korean Foreign Ministry, “the license is expected to expedite the ISDS case with the group دیانی “It is one of the unresolved issues between Seoul and Tehran and is expected to help improve bilateral relations between the two countries.”

Seoul officials say the fate of $ 7 billion in Iranian assets frozen in South Korean banks still depends on the outcome of Iran’s negotiations with the Group of Four plus one.

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