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Confirmation of the participation of the national women’s basketball team in the Asia Cup Division B

According to Fars news agency, FIBA ​​Asia has confirmed the presence of the Iranian women’s national basketball team to participate in the Asia Cup Division B in Thailand.

Based on this, the national teams of Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Malaysia and Thailand are participating in these competitions.

Teams from Maldives and Kyrgyzstan have been selected as alternate teams for this event.

Asian Cup will be held from August 23 to August 29 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Iran’s national women’s basketball team will participate in these competitions under the guidance of Elani Capucciani and has started training ten days ago.

In order for the national women’s basketball team to qualify for the World Cup, Iran must first advance from Division B to A, that’s why the Asian Cup in Thailand is very important for Iran’s women’s basketball, so that for the first time, this team will reach the first level of this competition in The continent of Asia will find its way.

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