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Controversies of the week Queiroz’s copying of Mitsaghian’s tactics and English psychological warfare against the national team

According to the sports reporter of Fars News Agency, in the past week, we have seen the actions of the westerners against the worthy youth of this region and the hands of the false claimants of the slogan of separating sports from politics have once again turned. In football, as usual, we had no shortage of controversy and margins.

We review the controversial events of the past week:

* Destruction of Mashhad football team

Shahr Khodro team was relegated from Premier League to League One last season, this team’s points were supposed to go to Omid Vahdat, and old players like Mohsen Bangar worked as coaches in this team for a while, and finally it became clear that the transfer of this team’s points is also legal. There was no team named Omid Vahdat, and finally, after a lot of struggle, this team was removed from League One and fell to the lower ranks, probably League Three! In this way, the football of Khorasan Razavi province, which is a dynamic football, does not have a representative neither in the premier league nor in the first league.

* Kerry Khani and England’s psychological war against the national team

After the World Cup draw, the British were happy to be in a group with our country’s national team, and headlines like Thank God! but after a while, when they saw the victory of Iran’s national team against Uruguay, and on the other hand, they saw the brilliance of Mehdi Tarimi at the first level of world football, they became anxious. However, less than two weeks before the official match between Iran and England in the World Cup, which will be played on the 30th of Aban, they have started psychological warfare and chanting against our country’s national team. The British have even predicted a 4-0 win against Iran online, which is more like a child’s dream. As the old saying goes, a camel sleeps in a dream and eats cotton.

* How to copy Mithaqian’s tactics!

* On the sidelines of this week’s training of the national team, Carlos Keyrosh talked about technical issues with Seyed Mehdi Rahmati and Khosro Heydari. The head coach of the national team jokingly asked Rahmati why his hair has turned whiter than Heydari’s! Of course, some other former national team players like Andranik Timourian also came to the training of the national team and had a fresh meeting.

Of course, Keirosh also used an interesting initiative and held a 13-bed luncheon on the grass field to create more intimacy and unity between the players, and of course, after having lunch, Keirosh asked the players to use a roll and a mat placed next to the lunch table. It was prepared, think about today’s exercise lying down for a few minutes!

Controversies of the week Queiroz's copying of Mitsaghian's tactics and English psychological warfare against the national team

Remember, in the past, there were coaches like Akbar Mithaghian in our football who would spread broth and daisy for the players, but after consuming the broth, no player had the patience to think about the training method! But the fact is that Misaghian popularized this tactic in our football and Mes Kerman team in 2015, and now Keirosh has used another type of this method and copied the hand of Akbar Milad Tower. Below you can see a photo of Kerman Mes players’ Abgosht where Farzad Hosseinkhani, a former Mes player and the current head coach of this team, is also sitting at the table! You should really appreciate coaches like Mithaqian, Akbar Agha was very progressive and up-to-date in his time!

Controversies of the week Queiroz's copying of Mitsaghian's tactics and English psychological warfare against the national team

* Gathering against a member of the board of the Football Federation

Before the official start of the unveiling ceremony of the national team’s jersey in the World Cup, a group of unfortunates of Shahreh Mousavi’s private company, the vice president of the Women’s Football Federation, gathered against him in Milad Tower in Tehran. Shahreh Mousavi has just been released from prison and is participating in the meetings of the Football Federation’s Board of Directors. Mohammad Hossein Hamisi, the head of the security of the football federation, announced in a conversation with these people that I, as the head of the security of the federation, announce that Mousavi will no longer be present in the federation; Of course, his membership in the board of directors should be decided later because this is a legal issue.

Controversies of the week Queiroz's copying of Mitsaghian's tactics and English psychological warfare against the national team

Safiullah Faghanpour, the legal advisor of the Football Federation, after the unveiling ceremony and send-off of the national team, said about the status of Shohreh Mousavi: He is a member of the board of directors and according to the statutes of the Football Federation, he can continue his work until there is no final decision. . Considering that he did not attend 3 of the official meetings of the Federation Board, if there are 4 meetings, Mousavi will be dismissed. He participated in some meetings online and attended last Saturday’s meeting as well, so there is no problem for him to attend according to the statutes of the Football Federation.

The legal advisor of the Federation said that the case of Shahreh Mousavi is open: the case is open to determine the competence. Determining eligibility is for election time. Mousavi is a member of the Board of Directors and if there is a final ruling, it will prevent him from attending.

* Political sport against Iran’s national youth boxing team

While the World Youth Boxing Championship 2022 will be hosted by Spain and will be held in Alicante from November 24th to December 5th, on Monday – November 14th, the request of the members of the national team of our country to participate in this competition was accepted by disrupting the Spanish Embassy. It did not happen.

Referring to this issue, the head of the Boxing Federation said: We had taken the necessary steps to issue visas for a long time in view of the invitation to participate in the World Youth Championships, but unfortunately, today, due to the interference of the Spanish Embassy, ​​the visa requests of all the members of the youth team and staff were rejected. became. This is despite the fact that we had taken all the necessary measures in this regard at the appointed time, and had even made reservations for the hotel and the provision of Riyal and foreign exchange resources.

He added: Due to the delay in issuing visas, we also followed up on this matter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but today, without any reason, the visa requests of the members of our country’s team to participate in the tournament were rejected. We raised this issue in writing with the World Boxing Federation and also announced our protest to the Spanish Embassy. In the remaining time, we will apply for visas again, and I hope that this time visas will be issued for nationals of our country.

Fars: With this behavior of Spain, once again the false claimants of the slogan of separation of sports from politics were disgraced. Apparently, this slogan only works against the youth of this border and region, and wherever it is in their interest, they chant such a slogan!

* Heavy deprivation of an independent

According to the announcement of the ethics committee, the sentence of Reza Eftekhari, the former managing director of Esteghlal Club of Tehran and Sadegh Vermarziar, the former head of the academy of Esteghlal Club of Tehran, was issued and after an appeal was filed in the appeals committee, the decision of this committee was declared final. Accordingly, Reza Eftekhari Due to the expiration of the one-year ban on football from the date of the preliminary ruling, he was sentenced to pay a fine of 100 million Rials, and Sadegh Vermarziar was sentenced to 7 years from any activity related to football and to pay a fine of 300 million Rials.

In response to this deprivation, Varmziar said: Nothing; It is the case of the Academy! There is no new story. Soon everything will be clear and I will say my words. There are documents that bring the right to the right holder and prove my right. Wait for your questions to be answered.

* The rumor of Drogba becoming a Muslim

Controversies of the week Queiroz's copying of Mitsaghian's tactics and English psychological warfare against the national team

The publication of pictures of Dedeh Drogba in cyberspace caused the rumor of Dedeh Drogba to become a Muslim. The truth of this rumor is not known at the moment. Despite spending most of his life in European countries, the former star of the Chelsea football team, who is from the Ivory Coast, never forgot the African culture and must sing the national anthem of his country after entering any new club! Some of the athletes of our beloved country are remarkable.

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