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Croatian wrestling Dudmers became the finalist with a technical shot by Javaheri

According to the sports reporter of Fars news agency, in the weight of 55 kg, which is held with the presence of 7 people and periodically and in two groups, Puya Dummers defeated Aritium Delano from Moldova with the result of 5:2 in Group A in the first match. In the next rounds, he defeated Dalton Dufield from America with a score of 10:2.

In the next round, Dudmerz defeated Abhish Batyrov from Uzbekistan with a score of 5:3 and qualified for the semi-finals.

Mohammad Mehdi Javaheri, another representative of our country, also defeated Manjit from India 6-0 in the first round in Group B. In the second match, he lost 8-0 against Denis Mihai from Romania and went to the semi-finals as the second person in the group.

Two representatives of our country faced each other in this match, Poya Dommars won with a score of 2:1 and a technical shot and went to the final match. Javaheri also went to the ranking meeting.

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