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Deposit the priority right of the shareholders of Mina Glass Manufacturing Company

According to the monetary financial news quoted by the public relations of Sina Bank, according to the announcement published in the Cadal system, the real shareholders of Mina Glass Manufacturing Company with the symbol “Comina” who in due time to deposit the nominal value of shares and use their preemptive right They have not taken action to deposit the right of first refusal until October 11 of this year. If they want to convert their purchased pre-emptive right into shares, from the date of notification dated 13 September 1400, they must deposit the pre-emptive right amount to account number 1-114741-814-117 at Ekbatan Branch of Tehran, code 117 with the code entered. Melli as the payment ID of the action and after entering the name, stock exchange code, ID code of the right of priority certificate and their contact number to act on the description of the document.

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