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Disciplinary Committee Warning to Premier League Teams: You have no right to criticize referees

According to Fars News Agency, the text of the announcement of the Disciplinary and Legal Affairs Committee of the Basketball Federation is as follows:

in the name of God

With blessings on Hazrat Mohammad, peace be upon him and his family, while wishing to accept obedience and worship, informs all players, coaches, technical staff and members of clubs and teams participating in league competitions regarding the need and importance of maintaining the independence and impartiality of referees And full support for their position and the referee committee, all members of the league are obliged to avoid any intrusive comments in cyberspace, press and real and media space that lead to weakening the referees and spreading margins in order to improve the quality of decisions. And the independence of the judges’s votes, the cooperation of all cMango To be obtained.

Otherwise, observing and reporting any cases, the offenders and violators will be dealt with in the disciplinary committee of the federation in accordance with the rules and regulations. to work will come.

It should be noted that the responsibility of publishing news by fan clubs and the like, which are attributed to teams and clubs, is also the responsibility of the relevant club or team, and if the issue is observed in the disciplinary committee, the sponsored team or club will be dealt with.

If a team claims that the fan club or site or news site in the relevant cyberspace does not belong to the team, then the managing director of the club should take action to dissolve the club or site through judicial and law enforcement authorities.

The final series of the Basketball Premier League between the teams of Gorgan Municipality and Zobahan will start on the 5th of Ordibehesht.

end of Message/

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