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Doha, the tourism capital of the Arab world in 2023

According to the report of the International Economic Group of Fars News Agency, the Council of Tourism Ministers of the Arab countries, in its meeting on Tuesday at the Secretariat of the Arab League in Cairo, chose Doha as the tourism capital of the Arab world for 2023.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar announced in a statement: Salem Mubarak Al-Shafi, Permanent Representative of Qatar to the Arab League, thanked the Council of Ministers of Tourism and the Arab Tourism Organization for this choice.

He said that this selection reflects the status that Doha has achieved as a destination for all people of the world during its hosting of the FIFA World Cup.

The permanent representative of Qatar in the Arab League described Qatar’s success in organizing the World Cup as the success of all Arabs and emphasized that the selection of Doha as the tourism capital of the Arab world for 2023 strengthens this success and appreciated Qatar’s great efforts to achieve this. The position is valuable.

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