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Dubai camp determined the future of the test with Zenith + Photo

According to Fars News Agency, the Russian “bobsoccer” site reported that the news published by Sardar Azmoun and Zenit Club is not true and this player will not respond to Zenit until the end of January to extend his contract.

The test will be scheduled with Zenit at the team’s mid-season camp in Dubai, UAE on January 13. The final decision of the test will be to stay or go to the training camp.

The test has an official offer from Lyon and according to reports, it has reached a final agreement with the French club and only wants the consent of Zenit.

Some Russian media reported today that Zinat’s latest attempt to maintain the test has offered the Iranian striker a four-year contract extension.

In the current situation, Zenith is considering several options to replace the test. The Iranian star has been playing for Zenit since 2019, and he has won the Russian league three times during this period.

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