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Expectation from new business insurance; Innovation in providing services and protecting the interests of stakeholders

According to the financial news report, citing the management of public relations and promotion of social capital of Tejarat Bank, Hassan Kiaei, a member of the board of directors of Tejarat Bank, participated in the first meeting of the new board members of New Trade Insurance Company, on the continuation of 100% support of this bank, as one of the major shareholders of this bank. The company emphasized.

Congratulating the new members of the board of directors of New Trade Insurance Company, he wished them success in this responsibility and said: the forward and effective movement of New Trade Insurance Company should be evident in the new management period of this company. So that both the old customers of this company will notice the changes and new audiences will benefit from them.

He pointed out: In order to overcome the existing problems of the new business, in the first step, by designing a short and medium-term plan, the proposed solutions to improve the current conditions should be presented and informed to the shareholders.

Kayei continued: In this direction, compliance with the principles of corporate governance, including the formation of specialized committees, is a priority, and the report presented by these committees can be effective in improving the company’s performance.

A member of the Board of Directors of Tejarat Bank listed the bank’s expectations from Tejarat New Insurance Company and added: The new Board of Directors of Tejarat New Insurance Company should work with double effort and energy and using the capacity of its major shareholders such as Tejarat Bank, Post Bank, Astan Quds Razavi and Naft. And Parsian Gas takes a step in the path of registering a different performance from the past and providing innovative services.

He clarified: Nearly 1,300 bank branches across the country can be a place to introduce trade insurance services, and in addition, bank customers can also be considered as potential customers of the company.

Hasan Kiaei spoke about the readiness of Tejarat Bank for any facilitation in Tejarat No Insurance and continued: The legal department of the bank can collect the claims of Tejarat No Insurance Company and the Bank’s Capital Funding Company for financing through various means. Facilitate the way forward for New Trade Insurance. Expectations from New Business Insurance are very high and we hope that by adopting a new approach, all the stakeholders of the company will touch its improvement and growing trend.

In this meeting, the CEO of New Trade Insurance Company presented the performance report of the company, ending on 19 September 1402, in various departments and expressed his hope that by using the existing capacities and capabilities of the company, he will witness the continuous improvement of performance and the provision of new services and products in the trade insurance complex. be new

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