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Explanation of the Secretary General of the Volleyball Federation in response to Mohammad Mousavi’s protest – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

In an interview with Mehr reporter, Milad Taghavi said about the ambiguities regarding the elections of the Alborz province volleyball board: The elections of the Alborz province volleyball board were held in April, one of the candidates protested the holding of this election assembly, and the Ministry of Sports also asked us about 6 issues. We will provide the requested answer according to the documentation. This letter was sent to us when we were in Urmia during the Asian Championship and we did not have a chance to respond. But now we are collecting documents and will soon send our answer to the Ministry of Sports.

He emphasized: The decision maker of the cancellation of the assembly is not the Office of Subscribers Affairs of the Ministry of Sports and it is the responsibility of the legal authorities. The candidate who did not vote in this election will only present his expert opinion, the Ministry of Sports has not announced an expert opinion on this issue. They told us to provide documents on 6 issues and the federation will do the same.

The secretary of the volleyball federation said: The opinion of the person who objects to the way of holding the elections of the volleyball board of Alborz province is respectable for us and we are obliged to respond, but no violation has been committed in the elections of Alborz province. His protest has been referred to the Ministry of Sports on 6 issues, initial discussions have also taken place and the Ministry of Sports has asked the Federation and the General Directorate of Sports of the province for explanations and documents on 6 issues.

Taghavi said: The documents are being collected and in a meeting that will be held with the presence of the Director General of the Subscriber Affairs Office, the Deputy of Championship Sports of the Ministry of Sports, the President of the Federation and the Director General of Sports of Alborz Province, we will present these documents and after that we will present the expert opinions of the Ministry. We will benefit from exercise.

The secretary general of the volleyball federation said about the letter of Mohammad Mousavi addressed to Kiyomarth Hashemi and his objection to not being invited to the electoral assembly of the volleyball board of Alborz province: I have not seen such a letter. It makes sense that he should send a letter to the federation as the president of the assembly, not Kiyomarth Hashemi as the sports minister. We have not received a letter yet, but Mousavi is a volleyball player from Khuzestan and has mentioned this issue many times. He attended the ceremony honoring the heroes of Khuzestan and was honored.

He said: Now that a person is settled in a city and has a house, he is not considered a resident of that city. It makes sense that we should According to Let’s advance the work regulations and rules. This issue is not mentioned in the bylaws and we will deliver the documents to the subscriber affairs office of the Ministry of Sports soon. If he has an objection, he should send it to the volleyball federation and we will announce his answer officially.

Taqvi pointed out: Currently, all the players of the national team live in Tehran, can we invite all these players to the elections of the Tehran board?! We have to act within the framework of the law, our criterion is not that a player is based in a city. For example, Mohammad Mousavi has been in the team for three years Nian Khorasan Electronics was present, should we invite him to Khorasan Razavi volleyball team?!

He said: Mousavi was in Khuzestan during his studies, during his volleyball training and participation in all age groups before the national team. He has proudly said Khuzestan many times and I am surprised by this. This may even upset the people of Khuzestan city, can a player who is originally from Khuzestan participate in the election assembly of the Alborz provincial board? There is no mention of this issue in the regulations. But when we have Alborazi players like Amir Mohammad Golzadeh or Boal Hosni, can we ignore them? The place of birth of these two players was in Alborz and they were even invited to the national team camp.

The general secretary of the volleyball federation said: Is it possible to exclude these two players and choose a player whose entire life history is from another province and only because of his place of residence?! If we had invited Mousavi to the electoral assembly of Alborz province, the athletes of that province might have protested. Some friends raise issues that are outside the framework and customs.

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