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Fans’ warning to Esteghlal board member/ We only want Sapinto

According to the sports reporter of Fars news agency, the press conference of Esteghlal head coach before the last game of the season against Tractor will be held today at the Shadervan Hijazi camp, while as usual, a number of Esteghlal fans are present at the team’s training place.

Some of these fans talked with Mohammad Momeni, a member of Esteghlal Club’s Board of Directors, for a few minutes when he arrived. Esteghlal fans told Momeni in this interview that they are worried about the continuation of Sapinto’s work in this team because some people have started activities against the current head coach of Esteghlal, especially in cyberspace. Speaking to Momeni, these fans told him that the name of Seyyed Mehdi Rahmati was mentioned for the head coach of the Tehran Blues for the next season, causing them concern. It seems that Sapinto’s contract will not be renewed despite Hojjat Karimi’s statements.

The member of the Esteghlal club’s board of directors also assured the fans that the club’s board of directors’ opinion is to continue working with the Portuguese man and they are trying to extend his contract. Momeni asked the Esteghlal fans not to pay attention to the rumors in the cyberspace, and the Esteghlal fans also told him that they only want Sapinto’s presence in Esteghlal next season.

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