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Final withdrawal of the runner-up from the women’s futsal league

According to the sports reporter of Fars News Agency, with the announcement of the league organization, out of the total of 10 teams present in the women’s futsal super league, except Pikan and Nasr Fardis, eight other teams submitted their documents to the league organization to participate in the second round of the women’s futsal super league.

The redraw of these competitions will be done without the presence of Nasr and Pikan.

Abadan oil refining teams, Mes Rafsanjan, Hafari Ahvaz, Raizco Safadasht, Natanz football team, Navaamal, Saipa and Mehrezam of Tehran will be the eight teams present in the second round of the Women’s Super League, and the draw for this competition will be held for the second time on Tuesday, October 25. will be.

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