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Focusing on setting up knowledge-based units is the main fruit of entrepreneurs

Ali Naqib in an interview with IRNA on Saturday on the occasion May 3, National Entrepreneurship Day He said: “It can be said that entrepreneurship is innate and derived from the personality of the entrepreneur, but in today’s world, innate genius is not enough, but gaining up-to-date knowledge, necessary skills in specialized fields, familiarity with the business environment and necessary techniques and Benefiting from the experiences of others plays an important role in properly guiding and achieving the goals of entrepreneurs.

Regarding the effects of the university environment on the tendency of graduates to become entrepreneurs, he added: “Universities can be effective in educating people who are prepared in this field, although it seems that the atmosphere of our universities has not yet been able to do so.” Which should provide elite breeding programs and training tailored to the needs of entrepreneurship in the form of related courses.

The Chairman of the Board of the Entrepreneurship Association of Tehran Province announced: Universities and higher education centers should pay more attention in this field and take steps to be fertile and guide them in a suitable environment, which of course requires creating a culture to establish closer relations with the university. has it.

Startups are based on creativity and new ideas

“Most startups are based on creativity and new ideas, and the secret of their success is a correct understanding of the current situation in the business environment,” Naqib said. And the use of creative ideas in the production or delivery of services.

The Chairman of the Board of the Entrepreneurship Association of Tehran Province, referring to the closeness and commonality of many characteristics of the creators of start-ups with entrepreneurial criteria, noted: One of the effective elements for the formation and success of start-ups is the use of entrepreneurial talent. It can be a good place to connect the idea, the entrepreneur and the investor.

Referring to the goals of the Entrepreneurship Center, he added: “If any activity is organized and coherent, people will get to know each other better, will be aware of each other’s concerns and problems, and can negotiate with all thinking, unity and power.” Increase the interaction between organizations and legislators in removing obstacles and improving the conditions of the business environment and be effective in solving various problems.

Naqib stated: “With this view, the Tehran Entrepreneurship Center has been formed to identify, gather, support and guide members in the right direction and help solve their problems by establishing communication with the responsible agencies.”

Calling and holding all-thinking meetings

The chairman of the board of directors of the Tehran Entrepreneurship Association said: The association intends to organize entrepreneurs and help solve their problems by calling and holding all-thinking meetings, training courses, providing advice, establishing relations with organizations. Attracting talented and interested youth and educating them is another program of the center.

Naqib continued by stating that there are a number of people who in this situation, despite all the problems, continue to work with a strong will and love and passion to provide economic conditions and job creation: “It is time to create an independent center.” And with the presence of the representatives of the relevant agencies, all matters related to the business environment and the activities of the employment-generating units should be centralized, so that in addition to preventing wastage of time between different agencies and the formation of unit rules, things can be done faster. .

He added: “In this way, instead of referring to different devices or continuously responding to them, economic activists should communicate with a center, and resolve all their affairs through it.” By identifying the talents available in the universities and supporting them, these people can be employed at least in the departments related to skills, and the center can, by establishing relations with relevant authorities and investors, while attracting the necessary facilities, conditions required for entrepreneurs to serve Provide the community.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tehran Entrepreneurship Association said: By registering in the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, this association pursues its mission and responsibility in two main goals, the first of which is to challenge issues and problems that cause inefficiency and entrepreneurship. And approaching government agencies and parliament to solve obstacles in the way of entrepreneurs. The second goal of the center is to create entrepreneurial solutions and fields for talented people who have sufficient power and motivation and may need help to develop talents.

Naqib added: “Although the existence of sanctions on the basis of the country’s economy, along with political tensions in the region and the world, are serious threats to investment and development, and the creation of restrictions and lack of resources has increased the risk factor for activity, but this If looked at intelligently, it can be effective in creating new opportunities and the emergence of entrepreneurship-based startups.

Identifying entrepreneurs and gathering them in the form of organization and creating an atmosphere of consensus and communication with universities

He added: “Undoubtedly, the center can identify entrepreneurs and gather them in the form of organization and create an atmosphere of consensus and communication with universities, organizations and government centers and the private sector, to implement new, creative and bold plans of entrepreneurs and Take steps to fix many existing problems.

Naqib pointed to the attraction of Iranian entrepreneurs from neighboring countries and the existence of some cumbersome rules and regulations inside the country, as well as the lack of a supportive view of entrepreneurs in many responsible agencies.

The chairman of the board of directors of the Tehran Entrepreneurship Association also said about the problems: the lack of programs, necessary platforms and visions for people, and on the other hand, due to the facilities and extensive publicity in other countries, entrepreneurs, despite being interested in operating in their country, some of them They are gradually migrating to these countries and this is an alarm. Entrepreneurs in Iran are more involved in bureaucracy than other countries, and the attraction of entrepreneurs from neighboring countries is a wake-up call for the country’s economy.

The chairman of the board of directors of the Tehran Province Entrepreneurship Association said: “If the right conditions are provided, many scientific elites will return to the country.”

He continued by pointing to the lack of an organization in charge of identifying and gathering the elites and providing them with the minimum facilities they need: “Sometimes negligence causes frustration for these elites, and in contrast, the provision of special facilities and conditions by other countries, they Encourages migration.

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