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Hamid Baufa: We have the agenda to participate in 2 foreign competitions/if the basic wrestling is supported, we will progress quickly

According to the Fars news agency, Hamid Bawafa, the head coach of the national youth wrestling team, said about the conditions of this team: We held the first stage of our camp this year in Islamshahr city.

He continued: I appreciate the efforts of the host, the conditions of the camp were good in terms of accommodation, food and training halls, and only the path between the accommodation and the training hall was a little long, which bothered us a little.

Bawafa said about the people invited to the national team camp: some of them were our medalist wrestlers last year who were exempted from the national championships and we held our camps with them earlier and the next ones are top wrestlers. They were the national champions who were added to our number.
He continued: The selection cycle of the national youth wrestling team will be held between the top players of the country’s championship and the medalists of last year, and anyone who did not attend the country’s championship camps and competitions is out of this cycle.

The head coach of the national youth wrestling team said about the future plans of this team: To participate in the world championship, which is our ultimate goal, we have 7 to 8 camps, and during this time, in the two Turkish Republic Cup tournaments held in early May and the prize We will also be present at the Great Russia, which will be held at the end of May.

He continued: Of course, our people also participate in the Takhti Cup international competitions, which are held in the second decade of May.

Baufa clarified: The Shahid International Cup was supposed to be held in March, but it was postponed and changed our plans a little, and this tournament is also supposed to be held in the first decade of May.

He added: “Ultimately, our wrestlers’ output from international competitions will be our chosen ones in the Asian Championship which will be held in Jordan in July.”

The head coach of the national wrestling team said about the composition of this team in the world competitions: the performance of the wrestlers is very important for us in the upcoming competitions, and if wrestling can be successful in the Asian Championship, there is a possibility of participating in the world competitions. There is also a possibility that due to the short distance between the Asian and World Championships in Poland, which will be held in August, we will use a substitute person.

By stating that he welcomes the presence of young wrestlers in the adult team, Bavafa said: Our work process is such that the members of the national youth wrestling team should have a little distance from the adults, and that is why we started the camps earlier so that some who were added from the youth team to reach the necessary standards in terms of technical and physical fitness. However, if the wrestling of the youth team is also successful in the cycle and attracts the opinion of the technical staff of the national adult wrestling team, we welcome it, and it can even take into account the appropriate distance between the international youth and adult competitions in both This tournament will be played.

Regarding the conditions of youth wrestling, he said: In these few years that I have been working as a youth head coach, wrestling has grown very well at the basic level, and these young people can be our chosen ones to participate in the 2024 and 2028 Olympics.

Baufa added: Of course, according to the economic conditions of some wrestlers’ families, if he is capable of wrestling, but he is not our first person and has traveled 90% of the way, he may leave the wrestling and even end his career in a good place. and in order for this issue to not happen and for these potentials to become actual, the support of the sports department and other officials is needed.

The head coach of the national wrestling team said about holding the national team camps in the cities: it is the policy of the wrestling federation that the youth teams hold their camps in different regions of the country so that the wrestlers of those regions can benefit from the experience of the national wrestlers. and also add experience to their coaches.

He pointed out: Of course, in order to be able to focus on our main team, we need to hold camps in the national team camp, because the facilities of this camp are unique in the world, but if this happens, it is necessary that the Ministry of Sports and The National Olympic Committee should come to the help of the wrestling federation and provide the necessary funds, and this is actually a future vision for Iranian wrestling in order to successfully participate in important fields, including the 2024 and 2028 Olympics.

In the end, Baufa thanked the special support of the wrestling federation and said: I hope that with trust in God and the efforts we are making this year we will be able to repeat the results of the previous years better and make the dear people of our country proud and raise the flag of Islamic Iran in Be international fields.

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