Hassan Yazdani goes to the mat in Kazakhstan today – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the Mehr reporter, the competitions between International Cup freestyle wrestling بولات Torlikhanov Kazakhstan and the ranking of the World Wrestling Union will be followed this morning in Almaty, Kazakhstan, during which two representatives from our country will go on the mat.

Accordingly, in the weight of 86 kg, which is attended by 8 people, Hassan Yazdani will face Fateh in the first round. اردین Will leave Turkey and in case of victory over this wrestler in the next round and in the semi-final stage with the winner of the middle wrestling Dolatbekov From Kazakhstan and بکساد عبدالرحمن F. Will fight from Uzbekistan.

In the weight of 92 kg, with the presence of 6 wrestlers in two groups of 3 Individual And it is held periodically, Kamran Ghasempour against Wiki from India and Islam back Elias F. He leaves Kazakhstan.

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