Heroic Taekwondo War

According to IRNA; The matches of the fourth and fifth weeks of the final stage of the Men’s Taekwondo Premier League will be held on Friday, May 20, at the Taekwondo House.

In the first stage of these competitions, 11 teams competed in two groups (5 and 6 teams). Finally, the teams of Sungun Varzeqan Copper, Islamic Azad University, Varamin Municipality, Kan Home Appliances, Kerman Copper Industry and Pas succeeded in the stage. Find the final way. Until the end of the games of the third week and in the standings, the four teams of Mes Sungun Varzeqan, Luzam Khane Kan, Islamic Azad University and Kerman Copper Industry have a chance to win the championship.

The meeting schedule is as follows

forth week

Pass – Varamin Municipality
Sungun Varzeqan Copper – Kerman Copper Industry
Asami Azad University – Home Appliances

Fifth week

Pass – Mes Sungun Varzeqan
Varamin Municipality – Home Appliances
Kerman Copper Industry – Islamic Azad University


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