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Holding a meeting of senior managers and representatives of Mellat Insurance in Tabriz

According to the financial news report According to the information base of Mellat Insurance, a conference of senior managers and representatives of Mellat Insurance in Tabriz with the presence of Alireza Yazdandoost, Acting Managing Director of Mellat Insurance, Mohammad Mehdi Beheshtinajad, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, Mehdi Keshavarz Bahadri, Member and Secretary of the Board of Directors, Mohammad Taghi Chiraghi, a member of the Board of Directors. Amir Hossein Ghorbani, Vice President of Market Development, Mohammad Torabi, Technical Vice President of Personal Insurance, Majid Hasanpour, Head of Management of Branches, Agents and Brokers, and Daud Hosseinpour, Financial Director, were held.

In this ceremony, Alireza Yazdandoost, acting managing director of Mellat insurance, while reviewing the performance of the Tabriz branch in 1400 and the first six months of 1401, expressed the company’s policies and emphasized on following up the representatives’ problems until they are resolved, saying: representatives are the front line of support and protection They are from the company’s brand and we are happy to see that we have committed representatives in all parts of the country.

Yazdan Dost, while thanking the representatives for their diligence and cooperation with the branch and obtaining a favorable portfolio with a suitable loss factor by the respected representatives, announced: the regulations on the limits of authority will definitely be revised and with its notification, the branches will be able to provide services to the sales network more than before. to operate

Referring to the support and protection of the company’s brand, the managing director of Mellat Insurance told the representatives: the most important duty and action of the representatives should be to correctly guide the policyholder in choosing the type of coverage, speed up the issuance process and follow up on the payment of the policyholder’s claims.

While emphasizing the importance of advertising, he said: Advertising should be based on its effect on the sales network and encouraging retail sales.

The CEO of Mellat Insurance further added: The importance of the training of agents is a very important issue that the new training management of Mellat Insurance will try to meet the training needs of the sales network at the right time by providing written programs.

Referring to the importance of timely collection of claims and diligence in receiving insurance premiums from insurers, Yazdandoost said: This issue will play an important role in paying damages to the victims on time.

Before the CEO’s speech, Tohid Alizadeh, the head of the Tabriz branch, gave a report on the performance of the branch, the process of attracting representatives, increasing the capacity of the sales network, and the concerns of the branch and the sales network, and then selected representatives expressed their views.

In the continuation of the ceremony, the representatives of East, West and Ardabil Provinces said about their problems and requests that the most important issues raised by the representatives were issues related to the development of life insurance, increasing the limits of authority, examining issues related to the field of information technology, requesting targeted advertisements and The representatives’ welfare bylaws were reviewed, and also requests were raised regarding the discussion of training the sales network and requesting appropriate solutions to improve the sales process.

In another part of this meeting, Mohammad Taghi Chiraghi, a member of the board of directors and marketing supervisor, and Mehdi Keshavarz Bahadri, a member of the board of directors and financial supervisor, raised some points regarding increasing the satisfaction of insurers, emphasizing the importance of maintaining financial prosperity, being aware of the state of credit risks and increasing the share Life insurances in the market and its impact on the company’s investment provided explanations.

Amir Hossein Ghorbani, Vice President of Mellat Insurance Market Development, explained the potential markets and provided the necessary solutions regarding the support of retirees and the insurance coverage of those dear insurers, and the company’s policies of avoiding the absorption of loss-making portfolios, increasing branches and retail sales plans. had

Also, Mohammad Torabi, the technical vice president of personal insurance, gave explanations regarding the reform of structures, team building, the importance of training and reviewing the limits of authority and speeding up the process of paying medical insurance claims.

In the continuation of this meeting, Hosseinpour, the financial manager of the company, gave explanations about the importance of timely collection of claims, how to allocate charges, tax problems of representatives, the process of paying damages and the company’s financial expectations from the respected sales network.

At the end of this conference, a short meeting was held with a selection of active brokers of the province, where the managing director of Mellat Insurance and the members of the board of directors present at the event talked about the capabilities of Mellat Insurance Company and its readiness to attract desirable portfolios and provide services and think with brokers to evaluate risk management. and presentation of rates and technical conditions, they made negotiations and brokers expressed their views and expectations from Mellat Insurance.

The end of the one-day presence of the CEO, members of the board of directors, deputies and managers in Tabriz, presence in the branch, meeting and talking with colleagues and knowledge of the activities and the process of implementation of affairs in the branch and providing points of view to improve the process and expectations. they did

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