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According to Tejarat News, the result of a survey of 91 active construction companies tells about the situation of the construction and housing market in August. “Shamakh of Purchasing Managers of the Construction Sector” known as the Shamakh Building report was published, showing that the general situation of the housing and construction market in August has faced a relative improvement compared to July.

The overall building scale, which is the result of construction activists’ opinion about the condition of 12 components examined regarding the conditions of the past one month and their forecast for the next month in the field of construction, was set at 55.49 in August. This amount shows a slight improvement in the overall situation of the housing and construction market compared to the total building volume, which was 36.53 in July. In Shamakh’s report, the number 50 indicates the stability of the conditions compared to the previous month, the numbers below 50 indicate the worsening of the situation, and the numbers above 50 indicate the improvement of the conditions during one month compared to the previous month. In this report, while the numbers related to a significant number of indicators in August, such as the amount of new constructions, the speed of work and delivery of orders, the inventory of raw materials and the inventory of the final product, have been associated with a slight improvement, but in two important components, The conditions have worsened compared to the previous month from the point of view of construction activists. One of these components is related to the price of manufactured products or the sales rate of newly built residential units. The sum of the opinions of these construction activists shows a decrease in the sale price of manufactured residential units. The number related to this component has fallen from 63.59 in July to 48.90 in August. According to construction activists, this shows a noticeable drop in the price of residential units in August compared to July.

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Also, in the “expectations related to the company’s activities in the next month” component (September), the result of the prediction of the construction activists participating in the survey of Shamkh Construction shows the worsening of the conditions compared to August. In July, the number related to this component was reported as 43.55; But in August, this number has decreased to 30.53, which, although it is higher than 50, is lower than the number of the previous month, and it shows that the builders’ optimism regarding the construction activities in September has decreased compared to their prediction of the situation in August. Is.

In the component of the amount of sales of goods and services, which is actually the same as the amount of sales of residential units produced by the builders, the conditions in August were almost unchanged compared to July, which shows that the volume of transactions of residential units in the middle of summer has changed compared to the beginning of this season. It was not special. The number related to this component was 52.17 in July, which was recorded as 52.75 in August, which is not considered a significant change.

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