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According to Mehr News Agency, Amir Mohammad Yazdani, the representative of the 65 kg weight of the national freestyle wrestling team in the Norwegian world competitions, said about the camp conditions: “We have been in the camp for nearly 20 days and we have very good conditions both in terms of training and mentality.” There are very regular trainings and the dormitory conditions are very good, while the presence of the Tartan track has made it no longer necessary for us to go to the Azadi track, and here we have the best facilities.

Regarding the changes in the technical staff and the presence of Pejman Dorostkar as the head coach, he said: “Both the previous technical staff and the new technical staff were very good.” Of course, we have a duty to work according to the instructions of the technical staff to get the best result. But the new technical staff has tried to use younger coaches, and this is better for us and we feel closer to each other.

Yazdani said about the training method: “We are subject to the technical staff and we follow the whole training with the opinion of the head coach.” If we have separate exercises, we will coordinate with him so that we do not have any problems.

Azadkar, who weighs 65 kg, said: “In the world championships, I only think about the gold medal and I hope that I can win this medal and I will do my best to achieve this important goal.” I participated in the 2019 World Championships, of course, I was not more than 18 years old at that time and I was inexperienced, but now I have participated in several selections and won the Olympic quota and I have the necessary experience.

He added: “I do not care at all who my main opponent is and I focus more on my own ship.

Yazdani said about the presence of constructive trainers in the camps: “In this period, young trainers such as Aghajani, Amini, Ehsanpour and Islami have been used who are very good in terms of technical and moral burden and help us.” I have been in the army with Behnam Ehsanpour before and he helps me a lot.

Yazdani said about his participation in the Wrestling Premier League, which will be held after the world competitions: “I have not had a specific offer yet and my whole focus is on the world competitions, because my main goal is these competitions.” Of course, I hope to be able to sign a good team after the World Cup to be financially supported.


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