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If they were the main players, we would have had a chance to advance/we didn’t miss it – Mehr News Agency Iran and world’s news

According to Mehr News Agency, quoted by the Volleyball Federation, the third week and final preliminary stage of the League of Nations 2023 From July 13 to 19 with 32 matches in two cities Anaheim America and Pasay Philippines is followed. Iran’s national volleyball team faced Cuba in its last game in the third week of the League of Nations and lost 3-2.

Alireza Tolokian, the coach of Iran’s national volleyball team, who led the team in the absence of Behrouz Atai in the third week in America. Responsible At the end of the match against Cuba, he said: This year’s League of Nations has ended for Iran, and I think it was a valuable and great experience for Iranian volleyball, players and technical staff. We should make good use of this experience. We lost in the fifth set in 5 matches, and maybe if we had won these matches, the situation would have been different.

He continued: The team that got used to losing lost 3-2 in three matches in the third week. In the match against France, we played well and lost 3-0. It is clear that if we had the main players, we would definitely have won the last 4 games and had a chance to advance. In the last game, we had 12 players and even Hazratpour had a small injury.

The coach of Iran’s national volleyball team said: Overall, with a team half And the half of 3 game five set We did, and this means if all the organizations cooperated with us with all We were able to get 4 victories in the last week like last year. We should definitely examine our strengths and weaknesses and gain experience for the future. A lot against Cuba today energetic And we appeared as fighters, But We did not win.

Tolokian said about the people’s support during this period: “Definitely, the people themselves saw the efforts of the players.” In the last two days, Iranian players were encouraged a lot. Hajipour with a wheelchair and Sharifi with a cane attended the team. Javad Karimi and Hazratpour were sitting on the bench and no one missed. People always supported the Iranian team and from Each I thank them. entire sweaty What the players poured was to make the people happy and I hope we have gained a good experience from this tournament.

Regarding Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi’s injury in the fourth set of the match against Cuba, he clarified: that I may I say The children left no stone unturned and showed up with zeal, that’s it; When I saw Sid’s finger I thought he couldn’t continue playing. But He announced that I should play. I think the first and second ligaments of his finger are broken, which I hope is not the case. Mousavi is an enthusiastic player and helped us a lot as a captain. I hope he recovers his health soon and returns to ideal conditions.

Referring to Esfandiar’s injury, the coach of Iran’s national volleyball team said: I think Esfandiar’s injury is due to the second Qulu And four heads It was the thigh But Likely Not so serious.

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