In what case will the Brazilian player cause the disciplinary loss of Mes Sungun?

According to the Mehr reporter, after Brazilian player “Da Silva Ramos” joined Mes Sungun futsal team, several clubs, including Ferdows Qom, Sari citizen and Raga Shahr Rey, protested against the illegal presence of this player in the Iranian league. These clubs have complained to the disciplinary committee of the Football Federation, wanting to change the result of the match with Mes and announce the result of 3-0, but according to the managers of Ferdows Club, the disciplinary committee “has not seen” has rejected this complaint.

Ferdowsi has again complained to the appeals committee, demanding that the case be returned to the disciplinary committee to investigate the “illegal issuance of ITC” by the copper player.

The three protesting clubs believe that Da Silva Ramos was added to the Iranian league with the illegal termination of his contract while the Brazilian league was in progress, and that the Mes club was not allowed to use him.

Mehr reporter went to Reza Javadani, one of the members of the disciplinary committee, to follow up on this complaint and the reason for its rejection. According to Javadani, the termination of the contract law and the “free player” include several cases, and it remains to be seen whether the action of the Brazilian copper player will include these cases or not.

Javadani also enumerated the possible crimes provided by law and stressed that the necessary inquiries will be made from the Brazilian Futsal Confederation if necessary.

The details of Mehr reporter’s conversation with Reza Javadani are as follows:

* Mehr News Agency – What is the latest status of the complaint of three futsal Premier League clubs against Mes Sungun and the Brazilian player?

– Reza Javadani: In the disciplinary committee, the work is divided and one of our colleagues reviews the cases related to the unauthorized player. Handling Cup, League One, League Two, Premier League cases is divided among the members. A person who does his work from zero to one hundred knows the notification or the costs of the proceedings. At the moment, I do not know exactly where this case has reached.

Reza Javadani

* The officials of Ferdows Qom Club say that the disciplinary committee rejected their complaint because it was stated that they did not pay the cost of the complaint. Is this claim true?

– As I said, I am not aware of this issue and one of my colleagues has been following this section. If we have rejected this complaint while the fee has been paid, the Appeals Committee will return the case to us. If they have not, the appeal will be dismissed.

* The Ferdowsi people emphasize that they have paid the cost of the complaint even before the appointed time. Has this not been seen in their complaint?

– We ourselves usually wait one or two weeks for these issues. It is true that we give a week, but we wait for two weeks because there may be problems in automation or the party may forget.

* Ferdows Club believes that because the Brazilian player played in the Brazilian league before joining the Copper team, he could not come to the Iranian league as a free agent; That was when the transfers of the Iranian league were not in progress. Does the free agent rule apply in this case?

– The fact that a player has come from another league that is still ongoing is their impression. The law has a definition of a free agent. Our own rules and regulations state that you, as a player, can terminate your contract unilaterally, but if this termination has a sports reason, you will not be compensated and it is as if you did the right thing. It is 14, 15 paragraphs. If it does not include these clauses, it means that you are under contract with the club and you did not want to stay in that team.

Therefore, if a club uses a player, even if the player claims that he is not under contract with his former team, this is not the case legally and he is considered an unauthorized player. But it is also important to note that there are only 24 hours to file a complaint against an unauthorized player. The only thing we have in an unauthorized player who does not have time is when his credentials are fake; According to paragraph 5 of Article 60.

* By these definitions, is the presence of a Brazilian player in the copper team considered illegal?

– I am not in charge of dealing with this case and I do not know what the story is at all, but we have to see what the documents of the claimant club are. The player’s playing card has probably been issued. He is like Gabon’s player (Gol Gohar). If we see that the player is unauthorized and forged, it becomes three-zero. If we see that it is unauthorized and has not been forged and complained within 24 hours, the result will still be 3-0. If it was unauthorized and no complaint or forgery was made within the prescribed time, there is no reason to continue. Maybe the player was not illegal at all. Paragraph 1 of Article 61 states that a player who has not been registered in accordance with the rules, ie has been registered in violation of the rules.

In what case will the Brazilian player cause the disciplinary loss of Mes Sungun?
Da Silva Ramos in a white-orange copper dress

* Some legal experts told Mehr that if a Brazilian player terminates his contract in Brazil before the end of the Iranian League transfer window, he will be considered a free agent.

– This is just one part of the story. Another point is that, for example, the league is over there and has not started here yet. This also becomes a free player. So we have to see what the evidence is and what evidence the club that uses the player provides. What date the contract was signed. This date is also very important.

* To find out if this termination is legal or illegal, do you inquire from the federation of the relevant country or from the club of origin?

– We are inquiring from the federation because the club that has a contract with the player provides the Brazilian federation with documents that the termination was unilateral and we are not satisfied.

* So if you need to inquire about this case from the Brazilian Futsal Confederation?

– Yes; If necessary, we ask the confederation whether the player was under contract or not. It is necessary to mention a new point about this discussion of ITC and TMS, which has recently become fashionable. When one federation asks another federation, they issue this ITC but say the consequences are yours. That is why the league organization tells the clubs to use the player, but you will be responsible for this player if he “loses” later. That’s why clubs are obliged to check everything. It’s a simple task. They can make an inquiry from the federation or do a simple internet search.

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