instantaneous; The integrated car system will open from Monday + details

According to the online economy report, quoted by Isna, from the 6th of September, due to the capacity created by the car manufacturers, which was created following the increase in production, for three percent of the applicants who were not allocated a car in the second stage of the integrated sales and queuing system. The site of the integrated system was reopened until September 9 with the release of 9 car models from the products of the two car manufacturers, and thus the survivors of the second stage also finalized their registration while maintaining the priority of the turn.

It should be mentioned that in this re-opening, all the applicants for the products of the two private car manufacturing companies whose delivery date was in the coming seasons or 1403 could also change the type of car with a car from the same company; Finally, the allocation results of these people who had chosen their car in this reopening; Last Saturday (September 11) it was decided and announced that the cars will be delivered to the customers based on the priority of the past and according to the call of the car manufacturers in an extraordinary format (three months).

It seemed that after the results of the remaining three percent of applicants from the second stage were determined, finally, after about four months from the beginning of the second stage process, the file of this stage was finally closed, but now the integrated car sales system has published a notice that based on that it is possible Priority editing should be provided for the applicants of the second course (and the first course) of the integrated system whose delivery date is 1403.

After it was announced that most of the capacity of the products of three private car manufacturers and Saipa Company, which were present in the second stage of the integrated sale of cars, remained empty for this year, as well as a large number of applicants who withdrew, the possibility of changing the priority of receiving cars for applicants in the first And the second period of registration in the integrated system will be provided when the delivery date of their chosen car is next year.

According to a new announcement published by the integrated car sales system, the existing empty capacities of car manufacturers will be offered again with new conditions and through this system from Monday (20 September) to Thursday 23 September.

The text of this announcement states:

“Regarding the implementation of car allocation from the available empty capacities of some automobile companies and regarding the non-acceptance and non-completion of the existing capacities, in line with the implementation of the decision of the Automobile Working Group of the Competition Council and with the aim of facilitating the conditions for applicants who have registered in the system and have a user profile are, the existing empty capacities of car manufacturers will be supplied again with new conditions and through an integrated system.

At this stage, according to the announcement of Kerman Motor companies and car managers that it is possible to deliver cars in 1402 from the location of these capacities, applicants with the following conditions can register in the system:

1- Applicants for the products of all the companies in the plan (first and second) whose delivery date is set in 1403, can change the previously announced car to the products offered by the mentioned companies and complete the payment through the following process :

* At first, the applicant must select the option to cancel his order from the order details section by logging in to his user profile to delete the previous car.

* After canceling the order for each applicant from the basket of products announced on the site, the possibility of choosing the product is provided and they have to choose their new car.

* After the deadline for changing the car, go to the car manufacturer’s website and make a deposit to finalize the registration process.

Note 1: In case of choosing a car more than the available capacity in the announced seasons, the allocation will be done according to the priorities set before.

Note 2: In case the applicant cancels the previous order and it is not possible to choose a replacement car, their previous priority will still be reserved.

Note 3: If the applicant chooses a new car but does not deposit the specified amount to the car manufacturer’s account within the time specified by the car manufacturer, they will be removed from the priority.

2- Applicants who were not assigned a car in the second round of the queuing system, will also be able to choose all the products offered by the two mentioned companies; It is obvious that the capacity that can be supplied to them will be from the non-completed capacity after allocation to the applicants of paragraph 1.

3- The duration of moving or choosing a car will be 4 days.

5- After sending the prioritized list to the automobile companies and informing the applicants, it will be possible to complete the payment for 5 days.

6- All people who have been issued an invitation or bought a car are not included in this plan.

At the end of this announcement, it is mentioned that in order to facilitate the process of doing the work, it is suggested that the applicants refer to the website of the mentioned companies in order to view the products and learn about the details of the sales program of the car manufacturers; The implementation time from the start to the end of the project is set from Monday (06/20/1402) to Thursday (06/23/1402).

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