Investigating the mediators’ attempt to disrupt the Iran-Canada / Federation game How did it stand up to a fraudster?

The first friendly match of the national team in preparation for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar has been decided and Iran will meet Canada in Vancouver, according to a Tasnim sports reporter. A match that ended with the efforts of the Football Federation and, according to what has been said, will be accompanied by revenue generation.

During the Football Federation’s negotiations to coordinate the work, efforts were made to disrupt the friendly matches of the national team. “I do not want to say what the teams are, because every team we have announced has some friends inside and outside,” said Mirshad Majedi, head of the Football Federation, in a special news interview on May 4. From the country, they made sure that the games were not played. “Some are definitely mischievous and we are watching, but we wanted to keep it a secret until the final agreement is reached.”

Mirshad Majidi’s reference to some locals disrupting the national team’s games may not have been limited to a specific time, and even now that a friendly match with Canada has been provided to the federation to generate revenue, these mischiefs to disrupt the game continue.

In an interview with Tasnim News Agency, Hamid Estili, the manager of the national football team, said, referring to the removal of the mediators to coordinate the friendly matches and referring to Mirshad Majedi’s efforts: And various intermediaries wrote letters to the federation and they were definitely looking at the revenue of this game, but with our direct contact with the Canadian federation and the international follow-up, we were able to sign a contract with Canada to have a good income from this game, while maybe if “The intermediaries coordinated this game, we also had to pay.”

The story goes that some intermediaries sought to coordinate friendly matches in order to cover the revenue of the football federation and to seize the income from these games. Steely pointed out that some intermediaries had written to the federation. In this regard, the Football Federation’s security reviewed some of the requests sent to the federation for the coordination of friendly matches, and in one of them, a suspicious case was reached.

Tasnim News Agency’s follow-up shows that one of the intermediaries who wrote a letter to the federation to coordinate the friendly matches was a Cameroonian named “Jo Kamga”. A security official of the Football Federation also told Tasnim reporter without naming a company or an individual that “a foreign company was stopped in this regard.” It was even mentioned that “any domestic or foreign agent or brokerage company wishing to coordinate the friendly matches of the national team will submit its proposal for the federation to consider this proposal in a working group.”

A simple search for this Cameroonian agent reveals interesting information about him. The Cameroonian agent operates in the Belgian company One Go Pro, which organizes friendly matches. In 2019, as the Kenyan national team prepares to participate in the African Cup of Nations hosted by Egypt, Jame Kamga will hold a training camp for the team in France. Kenya’s national team was led by Frenchman Sebastian Megan in 2019, and interestingly, Jame Kamga was also the agent of this French coach.

The camp of the Kenyan national team in France was held at the insistence of the French head coach of the team, and its coordination was entrusted to the same program manager of the French head coach, Jo Kamga in “One goal pro” company. The camp that the Kenyan Football Federation paid 106 million shillings (equivalent to US $ 915,000) to the Belgian company to set up the camp. The company also received 63 million shillings (equivalent to US $ 550,000) from the Kenyan federation for a friendly against Togo in France, but the match was not held.

According to the website “kenyapage”, the amount of 1 million and 465 thousand dollars was taken from the Kenyan Football Federation to hold the camp of the Kenyan national team in France and to play a friendly match with Togo, but despite the arrangements, the friendly match between Kenya and Togo in the French camp was canceled. And Kamga, the Cameroonian agent of the company and the program manager of the head coach of the Kenyan national team, refused to return 63 million shillings for the friendly match with Togo. The Kenyan government had paid the Kenyan Football Federation 244 million shillings (US $ 2.1 million) to prepare the national team for the African Cup of Nations, but the football federation allegedly withdrew its money from the Belgian company and its Cameroonian agent. , جؤ کامگا نکرد.

Following the incident, the Kenyan media carried out a “major scam” in the federation with the participation of Jame Kamga, the Cameroonian agent, and even the website “kenyanbulletin” with the headline “Jame Kamga, the deceitful Cameroon in the center of gravity of the Kenyan Football Federation’s financial controversy” The corruption was linked to Kenya’s 2019 training camp and friendly match. “People in the Kenyan Football Federation have misappropriated 244 million shillings ($ 2.1 million) of the budget allocated by the Kenyan government to prepare the national team for the 2019 African Cup of Nations without an audit,” the article said. In this regard, the scandal of cooperation between the President of the Kenyan Football Federation, the French coach and the Cameroonian agent to withdraw this money has also been raised in the Kenyan media.

During Hamid Steely’s conversations with Tasnim, it was mentioned that the federation had been negotiating with the Canadian federation to coordinate the game in September: “Our negotiations with Canada began just before the World Cup draw. “We were looking forward to the game against Canada in September.” He also referred to talks with New Zealand for the game in June, adding: “At this point, the national team coach offered to be in Canada.”

The interesting thing is that one of the mediators who sought to coordinate the friendly match between Iran and Canada was Kamga, while the Football Federation was negotiating directly with the Canadians. Interestingly, the agent proposed a friendly match in June, which, according to Steele, Dragan Skucic also suggested a friendly match with Canada in the same month, while Iran’s initial consultation with the Canadian Federation for the match in September. It was (September). The coincidence of Skochic’s request to play against Canada in June and Joe Kamga’s offer to coordinate the game is one of the strange and vague points of this story.

Mirshad Majedi talks about the involvement of some internal and external factors to ruin the national team games, Steely talks about the entry of some intermediaries to destroy the income of the Football Federation and the approval of the federation’s guard to prevent the intervention of a foreign company may answer this question. But the question is why the names of the people who were mischievous, according to Mirshad Majidi, were not even announced in a special news interview with the head of the Football Federation? Could these internal or external agents have carried out sabotage without having information about Iran’s negotiations with various federations? If these factors are present in the football federation or the national team, why are they not dealt with?

Interestingly, these sabotages are not over yet, and despite the fact that the contract of Iran’s friendly match with Canada will be signed and the football federation will receive income, some people are still looking to ruin this match. Those who have not been able to reach the income from this game and with the direct negotiation of the Football Federation, this income will reach Iranian football instead of being deposited in the account of the intermediaries. However, it must be clarified who tried to open the door for intermediaries such as Joe Kamga to the Football Federation’s contracts for friendly matches.

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